The darkest hour- A transition period


The darkest hour is the time when maximum darkness exists. After this period, darkness will start to decrease gradually. The darkest hour is the transition period between day and night.

The beauty of the transition period is mind-blowing.

The darkest hour is such a time which can be considered as a pregnant woman from whom, the baby takes birth. Here, the baby is the fetus of the day i.e the beginning of the day. This is the first time when mother and baby look at each other and both lie in a painful situation. 

Soon, this painful situation ends. The new sapling flourishes. The new day starts growing!

Inspired by: Reena Saxena

Photo Courtsey: Reena Saxena

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3 Replies to “The darkest hour- A transition period”

  1. In the womb of darkness,there is hidden the light of darkness is to be a inspiration for us because it brings always the wonderful dawn.yeah.darkness in heart and thoughts are dear!!

  2. You are right. Here we talked about the beauty of Nature only or beauty of transition period. If dawn does not appear from the darkness, then it would be horrible. When darkness brings light , the transition period is awesome- a meeting point of darkness and light.

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