Create a beautiful Garden within your Mind.

Words are the seeds of the Stories. In everyone’s mind, these seeds are planted. Everyone can’t write story because all seeds can’t be transformed into plants. Some seeds which have not been taken care properly, to whom time has not been given will not grow. Similarly, the Sentences which are not nurtured can’t be transformed into stories.
Our mind is a beautiful garden of varieties of words. It depends on you how will your garden look? Will it be a desert or will it be a garden full of colorful flowers?
If you water the seeds which you have planted, if you look after the saplings, one day your garden will be full of beautiful trees. If you forget to look after them, your garden will become a desert. Similarly, if you look after the words playing in your mind, if you give them a good and positive shape, your mind will be transformed into a beautiful, colorful garden.