Sad mood zone and depression zone

Though I have lots of water in my pot which never ends, still I feel thirsty sometimes. Why does it happen so?

Whenever I sit in a calm place with paper and pen or with Laptop, I will write something, words never end and I am sure about this. It always come out from my mind,may be it does not get a shape of poetry, but I am sure it gets a shape of good write-up. Though my mind is full of positive words, still my mind goes down sometimes. Why does it happen so? I write, read and then delete. Again I write and delete. Does the same thing happen with you? Sometimes you are doing a work and without completing the first one,  you jump to the second one.

Teacher teaches students does not mean that teacher knows everything and can solve any problems. Difference between teacher and student is teacher knows where to get solution and how to make understand the student whereas student does not know where to find the solution and how to apply. Similarly, Though I am here to motivate others,this does not mean that I am in a good mood 24/7 hours throughout the week. Difference between others(who suffers from sad mood) and me is that I know how to come out from sad mood.

As per my experience, if I do 30 minutes exercise, my mind changes from sad mood to good mood. I have the medicine of my sad mood disease.

I think that everyone faces the same. Solution is also with us.

Here are the things, you should do :

Think that problem is yours only. So you have to find out the solution. Think in different ways and check which thinking changes your mood. Before doing this Cry alone in a room for sometime. It will dilute your sadness.

Do lot of exercises so that you can sweat. Dance alone in a room. Next, do meditation. It must work. My experience says that.

Regulate your sad mood

Sad mood is our inevitable part of life. We have to walk on the road along with both-good mood and sad mood. Controlling key should be in our hand. Even regulating key also should be in our hand. We should regulate so that the sad mood does not exist more than 10 minutes.

If you don’t regulate your sad mood and allow it to stay for long time, there is a high chance of entering into the depression zone. Some people who like to enjoy all the time,don’t allow the sad mood more than 5-10 minutes. They easily come out of the sad mood. They can’t stay in this mood. They feel that sad mood is nothing but wastage of time and life is beautiful but time is short. So nobody should waste his/her time. Some people who nurture the sad mood and try to do research on it and then slowly enters in the depression zone. Say, there is a bucket full of water and clay. What will happen if you shake the bucket? Dirts or particles of clay will float at top and will be visible more than the previous stage when you don’t shake the bucket.

Never do these :

Don’t do research on your sad mood. It will make you more sad. Don’t read books on ghosts and death. Don’t be awake at midnight.

Bring light in your sad mood zone

So, there is nothing to worry about sad mood. When it is night, what will you do to remove darkness? You take the help of Technology and electricity that helps you in bringing light in the absence of Sun. Similarly, you do lot of exercises to remove your sadness and take the help of Technology. During sad mood, you should watch motivational videos. It will act as positive catalyst to remove your sadness.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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