The negative side of the Imagination

Imaginative state of a girl

What do we think about the power of imagination? We generally treat this as a positive power of the mind. However, imagination also has negative sides. Scientists also have wide imagination power. They study science only. They are continuously improving our technology, discovering new things for the improvement of our nation. When imagination has a good purpose(to improve society), it provides a fruitful result. On the other hand, we should be alert to the negative side of the imagination.

Negative side of the Imagination:

Have we negatively imagined the things? Some people do. They don’t even know that their thoughts are powerful in a negative direction. How does it become possible for them to imagine things in a negative direction? The reason is their inner thinking, their silent activities.

If people read stories of adventures – death eater, stories of ghosts, stories of life after death, different outputs will be achieved from different people. Some of them enjoy storybooks and then forget. These people know how to keep a balance between the imaginary world and the real world. Some people read two-three pages and lose interest. These people believe in reality. Some people lose themselves while reading imaginative storybooks. These people try to experiment with those things plotted in their storybooks. They are extraordinary, forget their existence in this real world, roam in their imaginative world, try to stay alone, and feel that they are not alone but others will notice their absent minds. It becomes very difficult to divert these type of people from their imaginative world.

Krittika Paul’s real story:

Last year, I came across one incident and this will show you the tremendous negative power of imagination.

Krittika Paul, a student of class ten from Baruipur, Kolkata committed suicide last year. She had no smartphone, had no addiction to TV, and used to read storybooks. She, the first girl in her class, had high ambition. Her imagination helped her not to focus on her future only but also it helped her to focus on adventures. It provoked her to research on death. Her parents couldn’t find any odd nature within her. She was very intelligent, smart. The power of imagination helped her not to reveal her actual motto of life.

These types of people couldn’t talk freely for a long time with family members. She had written in her suicide note that police could not find out the reason for her suicide. This implies that she had no enemy in this real world. She had good relationships with her friends. She was very good at her school. Police are still trying to investigate the actual reason behind her suicide.

I feel that parents only can investigate the reason. I believe that a distance had been created between Krittika and her parents. This distance is quite natural for ordinary kids. If Krittika’s parents would have tried to refrain her from this today, she would have committed suicide some other day. I believe that if it would become possible to divert Krittika from her imaginary negative world to the spiritual world which is also an imaginary world but positive or to the scientific world, then only suicide could be prevented.

How to handle the Kids:

If kids become smart and intelligent, I think that parents of those kids are also intelligent. These types of parents have a great responsibility for their kids. The mother of these kids should have the capability to enter their kids’ minds silently. Parents will get some hints about their negative power from their childhood. Maximum of them ignore these hints and instead of caring for them, they scold their kids and do the mistakes. In this generation, as kids are very smart, parents should have more smartness than that of their kids, otherwise, it will be very difficult to handle kids like Krittika.

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