Never be a slave of situation

Situation always changes. It is Nature’s law. We never thought -“we have to spend our lives in a cage”. Situation compels us . We should never give our happiness in the hands of situation.

Our happiness is not a season that it will change time to time. Our happiness should come from the inside of us. Our happiness should be independent. When the happiness becomes slave of the situation, situation controls us and we lose the key to control the happiness. And then we have to wait for the good situation and there will be no other way to get the happiness.

On the other side, when the key to get happiness is with you, you are controlling. Whatever is the situation, you become happy if you want the happiness. Thus, situation does not play any role here. The amount of happiness may vary. But the weight of the happiness should be more than that of the unhappiness. This balancing, you can make easily. Once, you can remove the role of situation within you, you create your happiness.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!