Is it better to have a single child or two children

When a floor and roof are supported by four walls, it becomes a room. It becomes stable. When wind blows at high speed, it can’t hit the room. But what will happen if there are only three walls in stead of four? It will be a room where one side is completely opened like shop. It will get less support than that of previous case, but still it will get protected from storm and rain. Again, if one more wall is reduced that mean only two walls and floor, roof; it will become like corridor. If there is only one wall along with floor and roof, it will become a terrace.
Now, treat floor as mother, roof as father and walls are children. Which one do you feel most comfortable from natural calamity? Of course, it is a room. Similarly, if you want to lead a happy family you should choose a room. It means all relationships will exist if someone have four children. But unfortunately, you can’t choose a room because of huge population. So, now you have three options- shop, corridor and terrace. Again you can’t choose second option – “shop” due to population at least in India. Only two options are there – corridor and terrace. Now, which one will you choose? Expenditures in making terrace is very cheap whereas corridor is little bit costly. Strength in corridor is higher than terrace. In corridor, natural ventilation occurs whereas when you stand in the terrace, nice ventilation doesn’t occur as all three sides are open. Corridor gives more protection during rain than that of terrace. All these comparisons are true for a family with two children and a family with a single one. It is always better having two children in a family. As in corridor, wind blows from one side to another side touching both walls, two children in a family can play, fight, can become friends, can become a helping hand to each other. In case of terrace, from all three sides wind comes and hits the wall and the wall loses it’s strength. Similarly, when there is one child in a family, child feels lonely.
Though corridor is costlier than terrace, choose a corridor only not a terrace. Corridor will give you more rigidity than that of terrac. Hence, go for two children and it will reduce your problems for the long term.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.


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