Before doing the Meditation, One should feel the call for doing this

All people can’t do the Meditation. If all people could have done this, the word ‘bad work’ would have vanished. Before going to do the Meditation, one should feel the requirement of doing this.
For a layman who has never performed the Meditation and want to do this now, I shall suggest him/her that he/she should first dream of it. He/she should know the reason why he/she should perform it. He/she should dream of it. He/she should know the process as well as the benefits of it.
The reason behind the Meditation and benefits of this may vary from the person to the person. But in every cases, it becomes positive. In maximum cases, people perform the Meditation to bring their mind under control or to make their mind cool and calm.
Here are the steps to be followed to get the urgent call for performing the Meditation:

Analyze Yourself

In these cases, first analyze yourself. Why do you want to make your mind cool and calm? Are your present mind bringing a loss to you? What type of loss it is? Do you think that if your mind becomes cool and calm, it will help you to overcome the loss? Think deeply. If you get the answer positive, then go for the next step.

Believe in the power of Meditation

Then believe in the power of the Meditation. Before performing the Meditation, you should keep faith on this. If you don’t get faith and start doing Meditation just because someone told you to do, I can ensure you that it will not work.

Dream of Success

Start dreaming of the following:

  1. Your dream has been fulfilled.
  2. Your mind is under your control.
  3. You are a regular meditator( A person who does Meditation regularly)
  4. Without Meditation, you can’t sleep.

After following these three steps, one day you will surely reach at that point when you can’t stay without doing Meditation. After drinking a lot of water as you feel to urinate, similarly after dreaming a lot and after getting a real spiritual knowledge , you will feel the urge for doing the Meditation though you are too busy in other works.
Best Wishes!!
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!