Power of Visualization

The largest power is hidden in “Visualization”. Visualize that you are the happiest person in this world. Visualize that you have no grief about your past, you have no complaints about others. Visualize that nobody have any complaints about you. Visualize that you have forgiven others and others also have forgiven you.
Visualize about a beautiful, colorful world which is full of happiness and peace. To visualize these things are not so easy, but practice makes every difficult things easy. Practice Visualization. Once you can visualize everything in positive direction, you will achieve an immense power which will help you to bring more happiness and more peace.
Whatever we read in the religious books, are not false. Some of the things are seemed to be a magic, but it is not magic, it is reality. You also can make some impossible things possible and people will treat these things as magic. Once, you become habituated in visualizing the things in positive way, you yourself will be the medicine for your health.
You can make yourself an ideal hero/heroine or a devil with the help of power of Visualization. The things you will visualize deeply and daily will happen with you sooner or later. Never visualize negative things. If you can’t visualize, you say louder that you are happiest person. You imagine a scene where you are smiling all the time. You imagine big, positive things. Then, universe will also give you the things you want.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!