A night

A night when someone feels lonely, I feel crowdy as lots of words knock on the door of my mind. A night when some people sleep, I feel to stay awake to dream. A night when darkness reaches at its peak, My words get highest speed. A night when a flower blossoms, My words build… Read More

When the Story speaks

When the Sentences speak, When they talk About ups and downs, Author laughs Thinking the destination- Depends on his/her decision. When the words think Without them nothing has life, Sentences believe They are everything, Story tells- It’s me who evaluates The value of you all. Author smiles, And create new stories.

Husband and Wife

Husband and wife were brought up In different environment,two different set-up. He likes earning money, She likes maintaining happiness in family. His thoughts are towards office, Her thoughts are towards house. She focuses on little things, He focuses on meetings,documents. She focuses on cleanliness of the kitchen, He focuses on increment and promotion. She focuses… Read More