Mind – A powerful Instrument

Mind is a powerful instrument possessed by everyone. But maximum people don’t want to know how to use it.

If you buy a Harmonium/ a Guitar and you use it without knowing how to use it, the music you will hear will become unbearable. People will not listen this music. If you ring these instruments after taking a training from a specialist, you will get a sweet music and people will come to you for listening this.

Similarly, if you don’t maintain proper use of your mind, people will move away from you. If you use your mind in a right, positive direction, people will be attracted to you for the sweet music heard from you.

We, all the people have different types of minds which have capabilities to spread different types of music. If we can’t use it properly, we should take the training from a specialist in spirituality.

Mind is such a powerful instrument by which you can give punishment to your enemies and can spread love to your friends. From a musical instrument, we get different types of music- melodious, romantic, spiritual, etc. Similarly, from our mind we can get different types of powers – positive, spiritual, negative, etc. How do you use the strings of mind decides the type of power you will achieve.