15 Reasons why your kid should join Cuemath

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15 reasons why your kid should join Cuemath

Cuemath is a learning program of Mathematics from class kg to class seven(Offline, managed by online) and class eight to class ten (Completely online). Cuemath is such a program where your kids can clear the basic concepts of mathematics and gradually kids will start falling in love with Mathematics. Here are the 15 reasons why your kid should join Cuemath:

1. Quality of Worksheets:

Worksheets are excellent. Worksheets that kids will solve at the beginning of any chapter are built up based on basic concepts. Gradually, worksheets become hard.

Grade 8 - All topics

2. School Syllabus:

The school syllabus is fully covered. You may not find the exact title of all the chapters, but while solving the worksheets, you will come to know how tactfully all the chapters are covered.

3. The number of worksheets and Math box:

There are many workbooks. The number of workbooks is equal to the number of chapters of the school syllabus. In each workbook, there are one-two modules. In each module, there are 12-16 numbers worksheets. Now, you can calculate the total number of worksheets. The number of worksheets is huge.

Math Box
Blocks of Math box

4. Math Gym:

There are so many facilities like Math Gym by which your kids can enhance their speed of calculations.

Math Worksheets | Worksheets for Kids | Math Activity Worksheets ...

5. Tab Facility:

During one hour class, your kids will solve the different types of puzzles by which aptitude skills will be enhanced.

Cuestudent - Apps on Google Play

6. Puzzle Cards:

There is a total of 500 puzzle cards. During one hour of class, 5 minutes discussion is held regarding the puzzle card. It is given to kids for solving at home. This enhances the reasoning skill of kids.

Brain Teasers- Try to solve this... - Cuemath -The Math Expert ...

7. Cuemath certified teacher:

There will be 3 hours class per week which will be taken by Cuemath certified teachers. They will guide your kids.

8. Cue the answers:

Cuemath is such an excellent math program where teachers guide you and show you the path, your kid should follow for solving the numerical. Many home tutors either solve the problems or telling your kids to check with the answers. If the answers don’t match, they don’t explain the steps.

9. Olympiad Prepack:

your kids will get free online Olympiad pre-pack where few test papers are there for practices and few mock tests are there. It is completely online.

Math Olympiad (IMO) | International Math Olympiad | IMO 2019 - Cuemath
Math Olympiad (IMO) | International Math Olympiad | IMO 2019 - Cuemath

10. Real Investment:

Many home tutors teach kids like school teachers. One day, if you cross-check the ability of your kid, you may find that keeping a tutor for two-three years with high fees has become worthless as your kid can’t able to explain you the reason behind the procedure of the numerical. In Cuemath, after two years, if you cross-check the ability of your kid, you will find that he/she would have explained every step with a proper explanation for every numerical. So, if you spend on Cuemath, your kid will gain a concept which is an investment for you as Mathematics is a life skill.

11. Fall in love with Mathematics:

Kids will surely fall in love in Mathematics which you will come to know after six months from the date of first-class.

Math box-manipulatives

12. Batch size is small:

In school even in some coaching classes, you will find 30-40 students in a class. So Teacher and student ratio is 30:1 whereas in Cuemath, the maximum ratio is 6:1.

a small batch of 3 students

13. Flexibility:

If your kid is performing excellently and he belongs to class four, then Cuemath provides him worksheets for class five and making him advanced. Similarly, if he can’t perform well, Cuemath will provide worksheets for class three. So, this math program is very much flexible.

14. Highly focused:

It is such a math program whose motto is to enhance the concept, aptitude skills, and reasoning skills. For achieving these parameters, it will help your kid as much as possible.

15. Availability:

It is available in all cities, all areas. You may find Cuemath’s teacher in your area only. So your kid has not to do the journey. You may get the Cuemath center within walking distance. It is growing rapidly. Very soon, it will cover rural areas too. Moreover, Cuemath gives importance to the students and therefore fix the time as per their availability.

A program is the best program when it ensures the following:

  1. Enriched content
  2. Learning outcome
  3. Flexibility in the timing of the program depending on the students’ availability.

Buying the worksheets only will not give a good improvement to your kid. Similarly, keeping a home tutor will also not give a good improvement. When you provide both facilities-Cuemath worksheets and Cuemath certified teacher to your kid, the improvement will be much higher.

If your kid is interested in joining Cuemath, please click on the following link to get the center near your area: https://www.cuemath.com

If you are from Kolkata, West Bengal and stay near Airport, please contact with me for enrolling your child (only two seats are left) at :

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