How to remove fear of Mathematics


Students often say that they have a fear of Mathematics. As a result, they hate this subject and thus lose their interest in solving the numerical. Here are the eight ways how to remove fear from Mathematics:

1. Observe the kids: 

Parents should observe their kids and should know how the tutors/school – teachers teach a topic. Parents will be surprised when they will come to know that maximum teachers tell their students to remember the formulas and to apply it. Many teachers don’t explain how the formulas have been created.

2. Know the Origin of Formulas: 

Students should know the origin of all formulas. If they know the origin of all formulas, they can remember the formulas easily. When a student solves a problem like-convert Km/hr to m/sec, some teachers tell them to multiply the figure with 5/18 and tell them to remember. Teachers don’t explain why it is 5/18. Like this, there are numerous numbers of formulas students have to remember.

3. Stop feeding the students: 

If the student does mistake in a numerical problem, teachers tell them the final answer and in which step mistake is there. Teachers should not say the steps where the kids have done mistakes. Teachers should say whether it is right or wrong. Then tell the students to find out their mistakes by themselves. Even, parents also should follow this while teaching their kids.

4. Remove tension: 

With tension, no work can be performed successfully. Tension always reduces the performance. Students lose their confidence due to tension. They know how to solve the problems, still they do mistakes. Removing tension is very important and students have to take it easy.

5. Practice much: 

There is no substitute for hard work. Students should practice as much as possible. Students have to put ‘solving mathematical problems’ in their daily routine as daily we brush our teeth and take bath.

6. Encourage Kids: 

Parents should always encourage students so that their kids can perform well and one day they will be the best performer if they practice hard.

7. Joint Study: 

At least two students from the same class should do practice works together. When they study together, they get interested and understand easily.

8. Ask Why: 

Students should not feel shy. Students should ask whenever they can’t understand the formula. Know “why” before what.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.