Life after Death

The Life after death is like the life after staying at the womb. Assume this galaxy as your mother. We, all creatures are inside the womb of this galaxy as if we are the fetus of this galaxy.
Then, oneday….
The galaxy will release all these creatures. We all will move to a zone which is outside of this galaxy.
It may happen that the new Universe is totally opposite to this existing one.
Here we see both light and darkness, there we will see no light, no darkness. It is in between.
Here, we cry and laugh. May be, there we will not know how to cry and how to laugh.
Here, we sleep and work. There it may be that we will only sleep.
Here, if a person goes for a permanent sleep, we call it Death. There, if a living animal awakes from sleep, we will call it as Birth.
Here, we prefer Birth. There, we will prefer Death.
Here, we eat for surviving. There, we will prefer sleeping for surviving.
But if we all are in sleeping mode in the new world, then how will we interact with each other?
May be- in the mode of sleeping, we can talk and work with each other. May be we will be in the form of gaseous substance.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.
N. B-This is completely based on imagination.