God is not responsible where input is same but output is not same

Two persons are seeing from same window of same room of same building. One person is seeing only the tree just in front of the building,whereas the second person is seeing the back, sides and top of the trees. Eyes are same for both persons. Standing positions are same for both persons. But the views are different. Weight, height and health status are also same for both the persons. Input is same, but output is not same. Why does it happen so?

If you give same inputs to two identical machines, will you get different outputs? No, you will get same output. But for human beings, it is not happening so. Human beings are living whereas machines are non-living things. Non living things can easily be controlled by owner of those things. Living things can not be controlled fully by their creator. As the creator has imposed humanity and feelings on human beings, the output received from same human beings are not same though their characteristics are same.

Actually their inner characteristics are not same. These are not visible. The second person’s thinking and imagination power are more than that of the first person. Second person’s desire is stronger than that of first person. Due to strong desire, second person achieves more thinking power. So don’t blame God. You are responsible for your low output. You are  responsible for your bad luck.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.