Water body at Eco-Park

Do you like to spend your weekend with your spouse and kids in a park? Who doesn’t love park? Specially, children are fond of it. Park means full of green lands, varieties of flowers, different types of rides etc. Park means a place dedicated to children for relaxing the weekends.
Have you ever seen a park with hidden ponds? I have never seen, even have never heard before. Yes, there is a park in Kolkata where you will be able to see a hidden pond. It seems like a green land, but below the green land water body is hidden. How will you come to know about this water body being a first visitor if nowhere it is written?
We all know smoking is injurious yet every places I have seen signboards for alarming about this. Even in the cinema hall before starting a movie, many times reminder about smoking is given. How can a park exist without alarming about the water bodies?
I am residing beside this park named Eco Park. Many times I have visited this park with my little one. Even last year on 25th December, I had visited this park along with my sister’s family. I was leading the entire group consists of three kids, my mother, sister and me. I told the kids – ” Now, you are safe. We are sitting here. You play here”. I didn’t aware about water bodies at Eco Park.
After reading today’s newspaper, I got shocked. Now, I feel that no place is safe for kids.

Last Saturday, we have lost this child. Four and a-half-year-old Sk Owa drowned in a water body covered in algae and later found as dead.
The child’s mother was blaming herself, even the Park authority too. It is the park authority who should blame themselves not the mother of the child.
Blaming is not the solution. We are standing in such an era where no place is safe for our kids. Roads, schools, play grounds, parks – in all these places kids have become victims.