Failure and Success

This is an interesting conversation between Failure and Success:
Failure: Why some people do suicide after facing me when everyone knows that from the dark night, dawn appears?
Success: Some people want me without facing you. They get afraid of you.
Failure: I can only make them stronger. I build them. I guide them in right path to catch you still they get afraid of me.
Success: Yes, perfection within them has been built up by you only. This is the reason the people who don’t face you, I don’t like them.
If some people come to me without crossing the bridge named Failure, I pull them towards another bridge named failure.
Failure: Yes, I am the filter and everyone chooses the filtered product. But problems exist in those situations when people do suicide even after first failure.
Success: The people who do suicide, want to be vanished within you. They love you. They don’t want to meet with me. They can’t wait for me. But I can never come to them first.
If I come to them first, people will not come to know who is my God.
Even me too have taken birth from you, then how can I be away with you?
Failure: Let me publish our conversation if those people for whom I am worried read this, get inspired and stop doing suicide.
Success: It is a very good idea. Then, here I must add:
Relation between Failure and Success is like the relation between Father and Son. Where Father goes, Son also starts moving in that direction. So, people should not get afraid of Failure.