Me with My Blogging and My Mind

This is a conversation among me,  my blogging and my mind:

Me: I am so tired that I have no time to talk with my mind. Hope, my mind has given you a fixed time daily.

Blogging: No, your mind has not given much time for working with me.

Me: My mind is a machine. Though I am tired, but my mind would not be tired so easily.

Blogging: But I have not talked with your mind. To know about it, I am here.

My mind: Hello, you are right- I am a machine. All machines are dependent on so many parameters. If someone does not press the “ON” button, how can a machine run? Machines are dependent on their operators. My operator is you.

Me: I am so glad that you confess it. You are absolutely right. So, I must give the answer why you are not spending a minimum fixed time with Blogging.

My mind: Yes. So you both continue.

Me: Blogging, I will make you understood why you are not getting much time with my mind. You are hobby to maximum people. Hobby never helps in earning breads and when it helps in earning, the beauty of hobby is lost. Our most important work is to earn breads for daily food. Recently, my mind has become busy in earning the breads. I am suffering a lot in my job field. I know that I deserve more, but the management is cheating me. I am depressed. So, I told my mind to work on this first.
Blogging: I know that Blogging is your love for whom you can spend money but you never bother about earning money. But I will be happy if I can help you in this regard. I will convey this message to the advertisers if they can help me.

Me: Thank you my love. Hope, soon my mind will start giving you a fixed time daily. Bye!!