5 points you should focus before starting business

Are you not feeling satisfied in working under the same company? Are you feeling that you can do better if you plan to do business? Are you feeling that your skills are going down if you work under your current company?

Don’t leave your current job before starting a new one. Be slow and plan wisely.

If you are not doing any job, if you don’t have any earning or any savings, don’t think about opening a business right now. Go slow. But determination for making business should be powerful and consistent.

Here are the five points you should remember before planning to start a business:


Calculate the initial cost required for setting up your business. Plan to save that amount or you can take a loan for a partial amount. Be sure that you have enough money for a down-payment before taking a loan. It may happen that your profit from your new business is not enough to pay the E.M.I. for the first few months. So be sure that you can pay the E. M. I to the bank from your existing source at least for 5-6 months.


The location of your business is very important. Ask yourself the following questions: why are you planning to do this business? Does this type of business not exist in this location? Will the people be benefitted if you develop this business in this location? If people get benefits from your business, go ahead or change the location.

Increase interaction:

A good interaction with people may create magic in your life. Start making good friends and inform them that you are planning to do business. Collect their feedback and information. Based on their feedback, you will come to know that how much people are interested in buying the product from you. Accordingly, analyze the situation. If you see that the weight of negative feedback is more than that of positive feedback, think about changing the location or include some other products in the business.


Do advertising only in your location where you are going to set up the business. Inform your friends verbally that you are going to start a business.

Interaction with clients:

Build a strong relationship with your clients. Take the suggestion from them too if they can provide you better ideas for growing up your business.

After opening the business, you refer the following post for knowing the “15 points to remember while running the business”:


Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.