Suffocation Healer

Woman suffering an anxiety attack alone in the night

Cause of Suffocation

Can you imagine a building without a window? Don’t you think it will create suffocation? Our mind is also a cabinet for which we require some suffocation healer.

Many of us can’t be able to share our mind’s pain which creates suffocation. Sometimes, your office colleagues or your family members put some workloads on you forcefully. You feel tired of tolerating some odd activities. Gradually, it is being intolerable. Still, you couldn’t able to share your pain with your closed ones or maybe you have shared, but after sharing also, pain is not relieved fully.

How to get relief from suffocation

Here are the tips, you may get relief from suffocation if you follow this:

Buy a diary. Start writing what makes you irritated. Make it your daily habits. Write everything who made you annoyed, who made you cried, who made you laughed etc. Also, you write to whom you are feeling irritated. If you have done something wrong, you should write that also.

Keep the diary in such a place so that nobody can find it. When one diary will be filled up, you buy the second one and read the old one once and then keep it at a far distance so that you can’t get it easily. Feel the magic in reading old memories. You may feel- “I should forgive them”,” I should not write so much complains about others”,” how come I have made so blunder mistake”, “how come I have done the wrong thing to someone”, “I should have told him/her sorry” etc.

Results after few months

Believe me, there is magic in writing which you will feel after 3-6 months. Gradually, your anger will reduce. Your anger is converted into an action- “writing”. Your writing will take care of the flow of uneasiness that was in your mind. Thus, the uneasiness flowing within your mind will disappear. Writing our ups and downs is nothing but acts as a suffocation healer of our mind.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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