Enjoy Motherhood, It is mind’s food . Without motherhood, Life seems dry wood. Motherhood gives a charm, Babies are like flowers, Pleasant showers- Give mothers warm Of love,peace Being a girl,we shouldn’t miss. Mother is the best teacher, Maintain your motherly nature, Which will make you happy, Without motherhood,life is empty. Thank you for reading.… আরো পড়ুন

Husband and Wife

Husband and wife were brought up In different environment,two different set-up. He likes earning money, She likes maintaining happiness in family. His thought are towards office, Her thought are towards house. She focuses on little things, He focuses on meetings,documents. She focuses on cleanliness of the kitchen, He focuses on increment and promotion. She focuses… আরো পড়ুন

Blessings can do miracle !!

“Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.Focus on your character, not your reputation.Focus on your blessings, not your misfortunes.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart There is no substitute of strong desire with patience. Even, I personally believe that if a person (who suffers from a disease like Cancer) can have strong reason to live… আরো পড়ুন

It is Maturity !!

It is Maturity,Which helps you to behave with others gently. It is Maturity,Which helps you to control your feelings when it crosses it’s limit. It is Maturity,Which helps you to fulfill your duties. It is Maturity, Which helps you to take care of your relatives. It is Maturity, Which helps you to control your emotion… আরো পড়ুন

মাতৃভাষা (Mother tongue )

মাতৃভাষা – তোকে ছাড়া চলে না ছোট্টবেলা, বুঝেও যৌবনে সকলেই করে তোকে অবহেলা। ছোট্টবেলায় তোকে নিয়ে লাফালাফি, স্কুলে ঢুকেই ইংরেজী নিয়ে মাতামাতি। চাকরি নিয়ে ভাবনা,তোকে ভুলে রাতারাতি, দু তিনটে ভাষা নিয়ে শুধু টানাটানি। তোর অস্তিত্ব ওই চার দেয়ালের মধ্যে, কিংবা পাড়াপড়শির কূট কাঁচালিতে। তোর অস্তিত্ব বাথরুমে গান গাওয়াতে , কিংবা শাড়ী বা মিষ্টির দোকানে। মানুষ… আরো পড়ুন