‘Giving a minimum time to God’ should be our daily activity

When someone is taking two-three months leave from his/her office, colleagues remember him/her till the time colleagues are dependent on him/her for the office works. When there is no dependancy for work, colleagues forget him/her. When you continue your writing, commenting on other’s blogs, you have interaction with other bloggers. As soon as you will… Read More

If I become WordPress

If I were become wordpress, the feelings I can’t express. you all bloggers write on me, so many poems, stories I carry, people get relax, after puttting the things in my box. so many people visit, so beautiful performance, people exhibit. I, being WordPress notice the sadness, I wash away, I keep record of everything,… Read More

Be the Best version of you

Whatever you are, be the best out of that. If you are a housewife, be the best of housewives. How to be the best? Definitely by giving unconditional care and love towards yourself as well as your family members. Give as much as possible without neglecting yourself. Respect them with love without ignoring yourself. Love… Read More

Mystery Blogger Award (5th-nomination)

Mystery Blogger Award Nomination Thank you SHUBHAM VERMA for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award. I am grateful to SHUBHAM VERMA for this award. You please read his blog,here is the link : https://theshubhamstories.wordpress.com/ WHAT IS THE MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD? “The Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their… Read More

Convert your Anger-energy into Writing-energy

Living or nonliving , everything is a form of energy. When you are talking, you are spending some energy. The voice coming out of you is the result for spending your energy. When you are laughing, you are spending some energy which is giving you happiness. Every action is nothing but a result of spending… Read More

Treat your spouse as you treat your passion

This post is dedicated to all married people. We will analyze the relationships between husband and wife before marriage or 5-6 months after marriage and 6-7 years after marriage. Before marriage, the taste of relationship is amazing. Am I right? No boundary, no restriction, no responsibility. Responsibility exists within parents. But still you think about… Read More

কালবৈশাখীর আগমনে

আজ আনন্দে ভরপুর আমার এই মন, তুমি বুঝবে না কি এর কারণ । আজ আমার প্রকৃতি আমার ঘরে ঢুকে গেছে; জানো- এসেছে খোলা জানালা দিয়ে, আর ভিজিয়ে দিয়ে স্নিগ্ধতা রেখে গেছে- আমার নরম বিছানাতে। আজ প্রকৃতি আমার প্রেমে পড়েছে, তুমি বুঝবে না আমার মনে কেন এত আনন্দ ঝরছে, প্রচুর গরমে বাতানুকুল চালিয়ে ঘুমন্ত ছিল আমার… Read More

It is Maturity !!

It is Maturity,Which helps you to behave with others gently. It is Maturity,Which helps you to control your feelings when it crosses it’s limit. It is Maturity,Which helps you to fulfill your duties. It is Maturity, Which helps you to take care of your relatives. It is Maturity, Which helps you to control your emotion… Read More

খামখেয়ালী মন

খামখেয়ালী মন, ডানা মেলে যখন তখন, শোনে না কোনো বারন। মধ্যরাত্রে নিদ্রা ভঙ্গ, দোলে ওঠে অঙ্গ প্রত্যঙ্গ, শব্দ আর ছন্দের স্রোতে, খাতাকলম নিয়ে হাতে, বিছানাতে স্বপ্ন কুড়াতে, মন সর্বক্ষণ সজাগ, পেতে চায় সাফল্যের স্বাদ। খামখেয়ালী মন, আঁকতে চায়, প্রতিটি স্বপন, নেই কোনো সময়। ব্যস্ত সর্বক্ষণ, রং, তুলি হাতে, মনের ডায়েরি তে, অক্লান্ত পরিশ্রম। আর একরাশ… Read More