Mind – A powerful Instrument

Mind is a powerful instrument possessed by everyone. But maximum people don’t want to know how to use it. If you buy a Harmonium/ a Guitar and you use it without knowing how to use it, the music you will hear will become unbearable. People will not listen this music. If you ring these instruments… Read More

The Child within You

The child within you is calling you. Are you listening? Are you giving your attention to this precious child? Life is complex because life is not running according to your way. When a child does not obey his/her parents, how do the parents feel? Parents feel difficult to handle the child and think that the… Read More

10 facts how negative minded people are different from the positive minded people

Are they Selfish? Do they know how to thank God for each and everything they have got in life? Do they know how to use the problem as the first step of the solution? I think that some people don’t know all these things. They are no one but negative-minded people. One of my relatives… Read More

Avoid silence Communication between your mind and the Universe

Our minds always think and whisper. Our minds remain busy. Our minds plan and draw things in their ways. As an infant of 4-6 months old plays, plans and executes in his/her way; our minds do the same thing. Sometimes, the infant requires us to divert his/her mind or to lead the mind in this… Read More

Myself with Nature

First day of the New year, Spent with beautiful nature. Went for an outing- A jungle, lake, lots of natural riding, Beauty of Nature is overflowing. Pictures will speak about me, Lot of discussions between nature and me. You can create your words, Based on my natural pictures! ———–———————————— Wish you all a very Happy… Read More

প্রাকৃতিক আমি

সূর্য যখন ঢেকে মেঘেদের মাঝে , আমি তখন রাস্তায় লোকারণ্যে।  আকাশে যখন মেঘগুলো ভাসে , আমার মনে তখন নানানরকম চিন্তা আসে।  মেঘেদের যেমন যাওয়া আসা তবু ও বৃষ্টির নেই দেখা , ঠিক তেমনি আমিও শুধুই হাঁটতে থাকি,গন্তব্যস্থলে পৌঁছায় না  ।। কখনো যখন গাছের পাতাগুলো স্থির,আর বাতাস গম্ভীর , আমি তখন মনকে মানিয়ে রুটিন টা করি মনঃস্থির।  পরক্ষনেই যখন… Read More

A night

A night when someone feels lonely, I feel crowdy as lots of words knock on the door of my mind. A night when some people sleep, I feel to stay awake to dream. A night when darkness reaches at its peak, My words get highest speed. A night when a flower blossoms, My words build… Read More

সমস্যার মধ্যেই সমাধান

প্রবীরবাবু সকাল থেকেই এই ঘর থেকে ওই ঘর ছোটাছুটি করছেন। কাল থেকে ঊনার মন খুবই উদ্বিগ্ন। অফিসের মধ্যে সব কিছু গুছিয়ে রাখেন উনি। তা স্বত্তেও এতো গুরুত্বপূর্ণ পেপার্সগুলো কি করে উধাও হয়ে গেলো তা কিছুতেই ঊনার বোধগম্য হচ্ছে না। গত রাত্রে ভালোভাবে ঘুমোতেও পারেন নি। বাড়িতে ঢুকলেই প্রবীরবাবুর টেনশন দ্বিগুন হয়ে যাচ্ছে। প্রবীরবাবুর স্ত্রী প্রবীরবাবুকে… Read More

Before doing the Meditation, One should feel the call for doing this

All people can’t do the Meditation. If all people could have done this, the word ‘bad work’ would have vanished. Before going to do the Meditation, one should feel the requirement of doing this. For a layman who has never performed the Meditation and want to do this now, I shall suggest him/her that he/she… Read More

Blogging is the organ of my Mind

Who says that our body only has many organs? Our mind too has many organs. Organ means a body/mind part which has a lot of contributions to the body/mind. Organ means which has an important role in driving the body/mind. The organs which have an important role in driving the mind are mind organs. Body… Read More

Power of Visualization

The largest power is hidden in “Visualization”. Visualize that you are the happiest person in this world. Visualize that you have no grief about your past, you have no complaints about others. Visualize that nobody have any complaints about you. Visualize that you have forgiven others and others also have forgiven you. Visualize about a… Read More