An experience in Examination Hall

I was the invigilator. It was Internal Examination. There were students of first year and third year. Examination duration was 50 minutes. After one examination, there was a gap of 10 minutes. Then another Examination started. Duration was same as previous.

All students signed in the attendance sheet. I had announced whether anyone was there yet to sign. No response, I got from students. So, I assumed that everyone had signed the attendance sheet. Then, I started counting the number of students from the attendance sheet. It was 12 only. I started counting physically. It was 13. Why there was such a difference? So, I again cross checked if I was wrong. But same result I got. Again there was a difference. I was feeling irritating. I started calling all the students. Then, I got the reason of this difference. The short name of Roll No 41 and Roll no 42 were same and they both are P.K. It is Roll No 41 who was making me irritated.

Roll No 41 had not signed in the attendance sheet. I scolded him. He replied-” I thought the place dedicated for Roll No 42 is mine. There are equal signs below the roll no 41. So, I thought that sign is mine and hence not repeated it.” What a ridiculous answer! I got surprised.

Do these syndromes not indicate about weak mental health? It had taken 15 minutes time to sort out the issue. At last before leaving the examination hall, the boy apologised for the fact.

A real experience. Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.