Nature is constantly changing. Are you?

Have you ever noticed the color of the sky, have you ever noticed the position of the cloud? Have you ever noticed a tree minutely? Have you ever noticed the condition of the upper layer of a river or a sea?
The living and the non living both things are changing in every moment. So what is about you? Are you changing in every moment? Some of you may reply as yes and some of you may reply as no.
Those who are saying that they are changing are doing good because they have realized that they are changing. Those who are telling that they are not changing are unable to recognize their changes. In reality, everything and everybody is changing. We all are growing. For some people, it is visible and for some people it is not. Power of eyes should be so strong that it can recognize the changes happening in every moment.
Change is Life. Life is the summation of changes. If a person does not truly change in anything, it is a time for him/her to take retirement from the life. Office employees who have got retirement from their office, becomes idle in office works or vice versa. If a person becomes idle at office works, management gives retirement to that employee. Similarly, when a person gets idle in life, God transfers him/her from this world to another world where he/she can utilise his/her time for different types of works.
So,keep changing. But never change in negative direction. When a baby takes birth, he/she knows nothing. Gradually, he/she learns. We also should grow and learn new things daily.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!

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13 Replies to “Nature is constantly changing. Are you?”

  1. Read some where, just quoting it here: “seeing the moon going through its phases with same grace & beauty everyday has given me the courage to embrace & accept the changes within. Once we embrace what is being offered to us eventually makes our flame glow better day by day”

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