Marvelous Book

I know a Book where number of pages are increasing randomly. This calculation does not obey any arithmetic or geometric progression. This rate of increasing the number of pages never become negative.
Though I am the author of this marvelous Book, I don’t know where it will end or when I can complete reading this Book. Even, I think that God also does not know about the end of this Book as God has given five sense organs to the Author. These five sense organs have lots of contributions in increasing the number of pages of this Book.
If you want to buy this book, sorry I can’t sell it. The book can’t be published in complete form, it can’t be sold as it is always under manufacturing process. Some pages of the books can be published/sold.
Can you guess what the book is? Another clue, everyone have this book. Some people can publish some pages of these books and some people can’t publish even a page also.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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13 Replies to “Marvelous Book”

  1. I guess you are talking about the book of life and it’s experiences.. which is always under manufacturing and can’t be published in the complete form!

  2. Book of life !! Amazing read. The book where pages increase. One which all has !! God giving us five senses. Even him not not knowing how it will end. So thoughtful of you 😊

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