What if we know-tomorrow

What – if we know, What will happen tomorrow? Someone’s mind will be full of light, Knowing that tomorrow is bright. But what – if tomorrow is full of darkness, Knowing about tomorrow will snatch today’s happiness. It is better not to know, What will happen tomorrow. It is better to enjoying the present, Don’tContinue reading “What if we know-tomorrow”

Thoughts and Actions

Mind is the nest, Where thoughts are taking rest. I nourish them with my attention and care, Then, one day they become elder, And fly high after getting wings, And my thoughts converted into actions. The actions complete it’s duty. Result of actions plant some seeds in my mind secretly. I nourish them in separateContinue reading “Thoughts and Actions”

Love will make you beautiful

Love is beautiful. It acts as medicine, it increases beauty on your face, it increases glaze on your skin. It reduces your age. Love is wonderful feelings and also wonderful creation of The Supreme Power. Can you imagine the world without love? Here, I mean love between spouses. If you can’t love your spouse fromContinue reading “Love will make you beautiful”