Words and fetus

“Some words are planted in the womb of Author’s mind. With the help of feelings of Author’s mind, the words are transformed into sentences as like a fetus is grown up in the womb with the help of the liquid named amniotic fluid.
Sentences become enriched by the feelings of the Author. When the fetus is transformed into a baby, it comes out of the womb. Similarly when the Sentences are transformed into a story, it comes out from the mind of the author and the author publishes it.”
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Blogging -My hobby

I treat blogging as Gardening.
Sometimes, I plant new trees.
Sometimes, I care the old trees.
Sometimes, I smell the flowers.
Sometimes, I relax when the cool breeze flows.
Sometimes, my loneliness becomes crowded in blogging.

Thought of the Day!

Make your heart so big that you can be happy on small things as like God. God is bigger (in size) than galaxy and bless smaller creatures like us (smaller than dust particles in size to God).
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Random Thought :create your own fate

Generally, I study all Zodiac Signs. Do you know why? After reading all Zodiac signs, I strongly believe that the best one is mine. Thus, I make my own fate 😃
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

God-crores of Galaxies: Thought 2

God is looking after crores of Galaxies. We are like the size of viruses or cells to God. “If we are smaller than viruses in size, how does God observe us and look after us? It is impossible.”
If it is impossible how an outdoor doctor can say the physical state of a human being with the help of some instruments which are made by them only? It is because he has knowledge. We, the general people can’t say this because we don’t have much knowledge in this regard. Exactly it is like this.
Though we are invisible cells to God, God can visualize the status of each cell. God has infinite wisdom /knowledge to look after us though our size is smaller than our cells in front of God.
God also uses a powerful instrument and have given this instrument to us also. Name of this instrument is Mind through which we can connect to our Soul, our God. Maximum of us can’t able to connect ourselves with God due to improper use of power of mind and insufficient knowledge.
After discovering this thought, I feel energetic. I feel that my mind has an immense power through which I can make conversations with God. Simultaneously, my mind has a responsibility to spread the message “All is Well” to this beautiful earth. If everyone of us can spread this message, I am sure that a lot of good things will happen on this Earth, for this Earth. Everything will be fine, peaceful.