Quote of the day – "Blind Judgement"

We are seeing the looks of the Plate,not seeing the taste of the foods kept on the plate. Why are we attracted by outward appearance ?  Advertising,popularity has a great role here !

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Quote on 'Choose Proper Direction in Life"

Life shows us many directions as Road shows us many directions ! Just we should see deeply and judge before choosing any direction in life. If we choose wrong road in Life,we can’t fulfill our dreams! So,think before choosing your goal and talk with your inner soul.

Let’s make a beautiful world together ! God Bless !

Quote on 'SUCCESS'

Start your day with



Constructive hard working which should be


Steady and this will result

Satisfaction and will bring happiness 

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Quote of the Day !

“Life is like Plastic,
 Any shape you can give
 To your future ,

 According to your Desire !”

Let’s make a beautiful World ! God bless !

Quote of the Day

 If you impose feelings

On human beings,

Human beings will be alive.

If you impose belief

On an Idol,

Idol will become GOD !

Happy Thursday ! Let’s together make a Beautiful World ! God Bless ! Thank you for reading.