Water body at Eco-Park

Do you like to spend your weekend with your spouse and kids in a park? Who doesn’t love park? Specially, children are fond of it. Park means full of green lands, varieties of flowers, different types of rides etc. Park means a place dedicated to children for relaxing the weekends. Have you ever seen aContinue reading “Water body at Eco-Park”

Highlights- 1.11.2019

Highlights of today : 1. Smart phones of minimum 17 Indians have been infected with spyware via WhatsApp. Government had asked WhatsApp to explain how Israeli spyware ‘Pegasus’ had been used to infect the phones of many Indians human rights activists and journalists to spy on them. 2. Twitter will stop displaying political advertisements globallyContinue reading “Highlights- 1.11.2019”

Negative side of Imagination – Krittika Paul's Real Story

Imagination has great power. It is a great art too. All people can’t imagine but some people can even imagine life after death. What do we think about the power of imagination? We generally treat this as a positive power of the mind. However, it may have a negative impact also. Scientists also have wideContinue reading “Negative side of Imagination – Krittika Paul's Real Story”