Beautiful Nature during Durgapuja Festival

As we beautify ourselves during the Durgapuja Festival, Nature also beautifies itself during this time.We were going to Bankura from Purulia district. On the way, we had taken break as beauty of Nature compelled us to do so. We have seen a beautiful sunset and also a hill.
Beautiful Nature speaks a lot silently. It changes our mood. It helps us to enjoy. It attracts us.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Advantages of Vegetables' Garden at Roof

How will it be if you have not to go to market for buying vegetables daily? If the vegetables’ shop becomes available at your roof and that also becomes totally free of cost, I think everyone will enjoy the free home shopping. Recently I have visited my sister’s house where there is a vegetables’ garden at roof. Here are the advantages of vegetables’ garden at roof:
1. When your mood is off or when it rains heavily, you have not to worry about going to market.
2. It helps us during emergency.
3. The vegetables become healthy. As the way trees grown up is under our control.
4. It is like keeping”First Aid” box at home. First Aid is for curing our body and vegetables’ garden is for removing our worries.
5. It is environment friendly. It removes pollution.
6. Your garden also acts as a park.
7. Kids at home become familiar with all types of vegetables easily.

Let us give attention to our environment and plant a lot of trees near our surroundings. God bless !

Roof garden

Number of people is increasing drastically. Number of buildings is also equally increasing. Space for plantation is decreasing. Amount of Oxygen in air is decreasing and amount of carbon di oxide is increasing. Thus, we are loosing the balance in the environment.
The solution is the roof garden. If it becomes compulsory to create a roof garden at the roof of all buildings, all houses, all apartments, we can increase the amount of oxygen in air we breathe.
Let us all create a roof garden at our roofs for better environment and for better tomorrow.
Thank you for reading. Let’s make a beautiful world together. God bless.