Soul and God

For believing in God, you have not to go to a crowded temple. Seek a temple where silence exists. Use your mind as a ladder and enter inside your body. Listen to your soul. Feel it. You will be able to see a world within you where all organs are working continuously as like time is moving and our planets are rotating. Those organs have no expectations, they don’t know for what they are running. They are running according to your instructions. How long and when will you sleep, nobody can tell except you. When will you start swimming and will make your body parts more active are known to you only. Your body-organs do not know about those.

It is exactly like universe as the planets of the universe does not know for what they are running. Time does not know about the fruit of their works. These are running as per God’s instructions.

For getting God, you are running from temple to temple is ridiculous. God is within you, God is in your surroundings. God is in the Air. Even, God is within Emptiness. You have to use a perfect ladder. Your mind will have to ride on this ladder. Your mind will take you to God.

We also should work continuously like time, planets and equipment or body-organs inside our body. If earth stops moving, we all will die. Similarly, If any equipment( body-organ) fails, we will die. There are a lot of similarities in between the solar system and our body.

What will happen if we stop working? Our feelings will die. Then, our body will die. What will happen if we work continuously? We will get blessings from God and this is the primary need of our existence. As the Sun never asks why should it shine and rotate, we also should not ask why should we work. The planets rotate to maintain the solar system. Similarly, we should work to maintain the good works done by mankind, to save the mankind.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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Myself on the Tree

সূর্য যখন ঢেকে মেঘেদের মাঝে ,

আমি তখন রাস্তায় লোকারণ্যে। 

আকাশে যখন মেঘগুলো ভাসে ,

আমার মনে তখন নানানরকম চিন্তা আসে। 

মেঘেদের যেমন যাওয়া আসা তবু ও বৃষ্টির নেই দেখা ,

ঠিক তেমনি আমিও শুধুই হাঁটতে থাকি,গন্তব্যস্থলে পৌঁছায় না  ।।

কখনো যখন গাছের পাতাগুলো স্থির,আর বাতাস গম্ভীর ,

আমি তখন মনকে মানিয়ে রুটিন টা করি মনঃস্থির। 

পরক্ষনেই যখন সূর্যের তেজে সব কিছু উত্তপ্ত ,

আমি তখন রান্নাঘরে রান্না-বান্না তে খুব ব্যস্ত। 

বিকেলের স্নিগদ্ধতায় সব কিছু নিমজ্জিত শীতল বাতাসে , 

আমি তখন বদ্ধ ঘরে বসে ,জানালার দিকে তাকিয়ে।।

প্রকৃতি যেমন মেঘ ,চাঁদ ,সূর্য এর যাওয়া আসা ঠিক করে ,

প্রকৃতি ঠিক তেমনি আমার জীবন-রুটিনটাও তৈরি করে। 


Nature is woman. Woman is always present. But Man is to be a Man. Man has to take birth. Man has to take birth from the womb of Woman. Woman is the strength of Man.
Darkness is present. Light has to take birth from the lap of darkness. Night does not become. Night is always present, but Day has to take birth from the lap of Night. Imagine about the Galaxy. Darkness is natural, light is the production. Woman is natural, man is the production.
‘Cry’ is always present at everyone’s heart, but ‘Laugh’ has to be produced. Sadness is present but happiness has to be produced.
One form of opposites is always present and another has to take birth. One is source, another is output.
Thinking matters a lot.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Joint Family of Nature!

Blue sky, green leaves, red flowers with brown lands. They all can stay together. Even, when it rains, they all stay with rain, storm. They never create boundaries between different colours, different entities, different heights.
We, human beings create so many boundaries between different religions, different casts, different levels,different countries etc.
We should think like this – “we all belong to the best creation of the Almighty, we all will be in this beautiful Earth. Earth is home for all of us. Nature is only the teacher for all of us. We all are friends of each other.
Picture Courtesy:Myself
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!