My First Book-“Power of Emptiness”

My first book -” Power of Emptiness” got published in People who believe in spiritual power, who believe in the Supreme Power but don’t love to follow the rituals will surely love the theme of the book. You will come to know the value of Emptiness in each Galaxy and in each Planet. MankindContinue reading “My First Book-“Power of Emptiness””

Never be a slave of situation

Situation always changes. It is Nature’s law. We never thought -“we have to spend our lives in a cage”. Situation compels us . We should never give our happiness in the hands of situation. Our happiness is not a season that it will change time to time. Our happiness should come from the inside ofContinue reading “Never be a slave of situation”

Power of Emptiness

Emptiness, a source of limitless power, a miraculous power is magical. This emptiness leads every character to exist in the Galaxies. This Emptiness runs based on so many laws. The study of these laws is called Science. Very few of the laws, played inside the Emptiness, have been discovered by Mankind. The Emptiness which isContinue reading “Power of Emptiness”

Chain of Prayer

Let us follow the chain of Prayer to break the chain of Corona. The Prayer of chain is: I pray for all the people on whom I am dependent in my daily routine such as my maid, the milkman who gives milk to us, the sweeper who cleans our surrounding, the electrician who repairs electricContinue reading “Chain of Prayer”