Strong Immunity power only can defeat the enemy!

When an enemy is present in front of us, we should not kill him, rather we should learn how to defeat him everytime.

You can kill the enemy today. But there is no guarantee of arrival of another new enemy tomorrow. It is better to learn how to defeat the enemy so that we can overcome the cruel path full of enemies.

So build a strong immunity power so that Corona or Erona whatever appears in front of us, we can fight against any type of viruses.

May God bless us all! Thanks so much for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together.

Prayer-a cumulative Energy

It is a time not for enjoying outside. It is a time to stay at home and trust in God. How can a little virus shake the entire world? Can God destroy His own creation?

When you cook, do you throw your food saying that it is bad? Similarly, whatever is the God’s creation, God can never destroy it. But truth is that “if there is God, there is opposite energy of God too”. God means a huge positive energy from which the entire world has taken birth. God is a sink of positive energy whereas Devil is the sink of negative energy.

Has the World lost it’s balance? Has the negative energy increased? In ancient days, there was an epidemic of Cholera. Then in this list, Cancer has been appeared. Now, Corona has been appeared in this list. Thus, the amount of negative energy is increasing gradually. We should increase the amount of positive energy for maintaining a balance in this beautiful world. If we have at least a little bit of faith in our Almighty, we should help Him. His power is hidden within our mind. We should awaken this power.

If we all together pray to our Almighty at a particular time from our own place, all prayers will be accumulated and you know when a billion of drops of water get together, a lake will be formed. Our prayers (definitely at a fixed time) will be accumulated and will form a huge amount of positive energy which will vanish the negative energy like Corona.

How long will we be at our home? Is there any guarantee that after one month, Corona will be disappeared? Is there any guarantee that after one month we will come back to our normal position again? We all can take precautions, we all can stop spreading. But can we ensure the 0% existence of the Corona Corona virus?

When Science fails, when all works are being stopped, when all the paths get closed, one solution still remains. This solution is Prayer. Let the entire world fix a time for praying for saving the world (from our own places). Let’s do the experiment on this-“Prayer works or not”. Scientists should not get afraid of doing the experiments. This experiment will give us two lessons:

1. Unity is Strength.

2. There exists something beyond Science.

This is a time when we have reached at peak level of Negative Energy. Let us save our World from all types of Negative Energy.

Thank you for reading and sharing this. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!

Activities must be taken care at School

Children are the backbone of tomorrow. We all should take care of them. Taking care of them means loving the beautiful existence of the future of the mankind. Children spend their valuable time at school. Children prefer to listen to their class teacher’s words rather than listening to their parents. Hence, School Authorities can change the future of the today’s children in a better way.
Here are the most important activities on which School Authorities should give importance:
1. Wearing Musk: Technology is improving, but environment is not. We all are staying in a polluted environment. Schools start from 8 a.m in the morning. So, kids have to leave their home within 7a.m to 7.30a.m.
AIQ level reaches at peak point in the morning only. In that time, kids remain outside of the home. Kids have low immunity power. It is School Authority who can make “wearing musk” as compulsory. If they do so, we can remove the problems of the lungs of our future which is very much necessary.
2. Water Intake: Kids of age 5 years to 10 years stay outside their home 6 to 8 hours. So, School authority must give importance on drinking water specially for kids. Kids do not understand the importance of drinking water. Kids don’t know how drinking less amount of water may damage their body. In maximum cases, both the parents are working. So children can meet with their parents in the evening only.
This habit can be built in the school time only.
3. Good habits: Good habits should be taught in the school only such as- we should not spit here and there; we should throw the garbages in the dustbin only; we should not waste water etc. Taking caring of environment and maintaining cleanliness in surrounding should also be taught in the school.
If all the schools focus on these parameters, our children will get a beautiful world in future.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!

Dewali : Is it a festival of Joy or Pollution?

We, the Indian celebrate a lot of festivals. We say that God will fulfill our wishes if we celebrate ” Durgapuja”,” Kalipuja”, “Dewali”,etc. It is wrong. God will fulfill our wishes if we perform “worship”, ” meditation” etc. It needs no cost to perform. I feel that in Bengal, Durgapuja festival has been converted into business and Dewali is the festival of polluting the environment.
The people who arrange the festival or who attend the festival, none of them is bothered about God truly. People who attend the festival want to enjoy and compare the beauty of decoration among the different “Puja-pandels”. People who arrange the festival want to win in the competition and to earn the certificates,prizes,names,etc.
In Dewali, to remove the darkness, people put a dark blanket( made of smokes) on the surrounding and suffer from a various types of diseases. Then people blame God for making them ill. Actually in every cases, we only create our poison. In computers, we create viruses; in vegetables, we mix impurities; we create cigarettes; we create crackers,etc. We never care about the mother Nature. But we are expert in doing campaigns saying that ” Save Earth, Save Life”.

The Dewali Festival offers us not only pollution but also accidents,deaths, etc. In this year, blast of four clay flowerpots have taken two lives in Kolkata. After this incident, people were shouting why can’t crackers be made at legal factories and a fixed composition is decided upon? We, the people have a tendency to blame others but we don’t have a tendency to become alert before the accidents occur.
In market, poisons are also available. Some people are there who create poison, sleeping peels too. Now, if we buy those poisons and take it, we will die. Will our relatives shout saying why the poisons have been created? In this case, we will not blame the manufacturer of poisons. But for crackers, we blame them. Both the cases are same, both take our lives. The difference is that the poisons kill us within two days whereas crackers don’t kill us, it kill the environment. It reduce the efficiency of our Lungs. Sometimes, it kill us on spot which can be treated as accident which is visible. Crackers kill our surroundings silently. As it is not visible, we never try to stop using of crackers. Our enjoyment is visible, so we enjoy a lot by burning crackers. We are happy enjoying at present. We don’t bother about our future generations. We improve our technology so much that it will be capable of creating a polluted country within few years.
Here are the Air Quality Index over the last few nights:

Where, AQI of 0-50 is good for health and 51-100 is satisfactory.
After seeing this, how many of us will stop buying any type of crackers next year? How many manufacturers will deny to manufacture the crackers? How many workers will change their type of works?
We have replaced fire candles with electric candles, we have replaced kerosine lamp with electric lamp. Can’t our technology replace these crackers? Can’t our technology make us engaged in different type of enjoyment?

How to link voter card with your mobile number and the document which proves your current address

“Not verified yet!! Verify electoral details at Call 1950 for details. Last date for verification 18th November, 2019 – CEO WB”
Are you getting these type of messages? Don’t ignore it. It is very easy to link your voter card with your mobile number and other documents. People of West Bengal are getting this message at present.
Before executing this process, be sure that the following documents are with you:
1. Voter card
2. Adhar card/ Driving Licence/Electric Bill – any one document which proves your current address.
3. Mobile which number you want to link should be with you.
Easiest way- steps are as follows:
1. Install the application -” Voter Helpline” from Play Store.

2. Open the application

Click on the box at bottom of this page where it is written as ‘I agree’.
3. This page will appear:

Click on ” EVP”– located at bottom of the page and at left-side.
4. The following page will appear:

Click on continue located at bottom of the page.
5. The new page will open:

Put your mobile number and click on ‘send OTP’. You will get the OTP on your mobile within few seconds.
6. After clicking on OTP, the space for writing the OTP will also be shown. Write OTP in that box. Then press ‘enter’.
7. This page will open:

Click on ” search by EPIC No”.
8. Your voter card details will be shown in the coming page. At bottom of this page, there will be two options: (a) modify ( it will be in right side)
(b) Verify
If you have not to modify anything, click on ” verify” otherwise click on ” modify”. Touch the pencil and modify the parameters as required.
Then, click on ” verify” option.
9. Another new page will appear where there will be two options:
(a) Answer the questions and tag family members.
(b) Skip the questions and tag family members.

Answer all the questions and then click on option (a).
10. In the new page, three options will be there – (a) Enter the details (b) scan the bar code (c) enter EPIC number.
Click on option (c). It will be reflected at top of page, in the right side.

Your family member’s details will be shown. Click Ok.
Another page will open where you have to fill up the following details of that member: Name,Age,Sex,Relation with you.
Click -‘add to my family’.
“Successfully added” will be displayed. Click on ” Add more” if you want to add more family members.
Follow the same procedure.
After completing the adding of family members,click on ” Finalize my family tree”.
One certificate will be displayed which you can save and can share with your family members.
Please share this message so that nobody faces any difficulty in linking the voter card with his/her mobile number.