Blogging is like solving puzzles!
If you practice daily
And solve the problems,
You will improve daily.
Less practice less solving,
Less writing less ideas appearing.
Practice more, intelligence will grow.
Write more, ideas will flow.
Thank you for reading! Let’s make a beautiful world together! God bless!

Husband and Wife

Husband and wife were brought up

In different environment,
two different set-up.

He likes earning money,

She likes maintaining happiness in family.

His thoughts are towards office,

Her thoughts are towards house.

She focuses on little things,

He focuses on meetings,documents.

She focuses on cleanliness of the kitchen,

He focuses on increment and promotion.

She focuses on her kids,

He focuses on office deeds.

She remains happy with whatever she has,

Office deeds snatch his happiness always.

How then he and she stay together ?

Because- his problems along with hidden love towards her

make her director of the family,

And he silently behaves like a simple employee.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Cold and Caugh

It is only cold and caugh
Make my life taugh.
Consumes the half
Of my energy,
Making me lazy.
It is the transition period
Between hot and cold
Weather, makes me ill,
Compels me to take pill.
It is only cold
Which compels me to hold.
If time would be stopped,
Waited for me to be cured !
My works don’t get postponed.
But time doesn’t understand !

Festive mood

On the way

Today is mahapanchomi

October, month of grand festival.
Time for goddess Durga’s arrival.
Time for moving to native place,
Time for roaming in village.
Time for taking bath within greens,
Time for talking with natures,
And a get together with relatives.
Wish you all a very happy Durgapuja!
May Devi Durga bless you all !

If I become WordPress

If I were become wordpress,
the feelings I can’t express.
you all bloggers write on me,
so many poems, stories I carry,
people get relax,
after puttting the things in my box.
so many people visit,
so beautiful performance, people exhibit.
I, being WordPress notice
the sadness, I wash
away, I keep record of everything,
I make a life story of everone.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.