It is writing and writing,

New ideas, new facts, new quotes!

You getting lots of hopes!

Hope for earning,

Or are you simply writing?

Are you motivating

Others? or simply writing?

What for you are writing?

Feeling happy, getting pleasure?

Or simply passing your


My Belief

It is my belief,whatever is written-
Must happen.
If there are no more pages in my story,
Tomorrow I shall be History
And will start working in heaven.
People in earth will forget then.
They will treat me as dead.
There will be a gap between me and them,
Soon they will forget me.
I also will be
Involved in heaven works,
Lots of loads
Will allow me to forget
The people in earth.
But what will happen
If there are still some pages ?
Nobody can tear those pages.
New story will begin.
Nobody can stop from beginning.
Life will be lightning.
Nobody can blow the sparkling.
Life will continue till the last page
As written by God.
Pay my homage
To the almighty God !


I love poems,
I love whims
dancing in my heart ,
want those to convert
into a poem in my site,
and the words I daily pronunciate,
I want to arrange those words.
I love poems.
Power lies in words,
As bricks help in making buildings,
words help in making strong minds.
I love whims,
I love poems.


It is the advertisement-
which gives excitement,
makes the profit of our business good
which changes our mood.
Everything is based on advertising
yourself,your action in
different social media
through day and night via
and google app.

Oh My Heart

Oh my heart,give my brain some power

through meditation,give some smell of flower.

Oh my heart,give my brain energy,

so that I can grow without lethargy.

Oh my heart ,send a bright massage

to my brain, through the proper passage.

Oh my heart,you are the mother parts

of my body,you can control my fates.

Oh my heart, don’t make me fickle minded,

don’t make my story finished.

Oh my heart, I m walking

now,my body is running.

I don’t know where the story will end.

Through meditation,don’t allow my body to bend.

I want to add some more pages on my book,

till then keep me running by hook or by crook.