Me with My Blogging and My Mind

This is a conversation among me,  my blogging and my mind:

Me: I am so tired that I have no time to talk with my mind. Hope, my mind has given you a fixed time daily.

Blogging: No, your mind has not given much time for working with me.

Me: My mind is a machine. Though I am tired, but my mind would not be tired so easily.

Blogging: But I have not talked with your mind. To know about it, I am here.

My mind: Hello, you are right- I am a machine. All machines are dependent on so many parameters. If someone does not press the “ON” button, how can a machine run? Machines are dependent on their operators. My operator is you.

Me: I am so glad that you confess it. You are absolutely right. So, I must give the answer why you are not spending a minimum fixed time with Blogging.

My mind: Yes. So you both continue.

Me: Blogging, I will make you understood why you are not getting much time with my mind. You are hobby to maximum people. Hobby never helps in earning breads and when it helps in earning, the beauty of hobby is lost. Our most important work is to earn breads for daily food. Recently, my mind has become busy in earning the breads. I am suffering a lot in my job field. I know that I deserve more, but the management is cheating me. I am depressed. So, I told my mind to work on this first.
Blogging: I know that Blogging is your love for whom you can spend money but you never bother about earning money. But I will be happy if I can help you in this regard. I will convey this message to the advertisers if they can help me.

Me: Thank you my love. Hope, soon my mind will start giving you a fixed time daily. Bye!!

Failure and Success

This is an interesting conversation between Failure and Success:
Failure: Why some people do suicide after facing me when everyone knows that from the dark night, dawn appears?
Success: Some people want me without facing you. They get afraid of you.
Failure: I can only make them stronger. I build them. I guide them in right path to catch you still they get afraid of me.
Success: Yes, perfection within them has been built up by you only. This is the reason the people who don’t face you, I don’t like them.
If some people come to me without crossing the bridge named Failure, I pull them towards another bridge named failure.
Failure: Yes, I am the filter and everyone chooses the filtered product. But problems exist in those situations when people do suicide even after first failure.
Success: The people who do suicide, want to be vanished within you. They love you. They don’t want to meet with me. They can’t wait for me. But I can never come to them first.
If I come to them first, people will not come to know who is my God.
Even me too have taken birth from you, then how can I be away with you?
Failure: Let me publish our conversation if those people for whom I am worried read this, get inspired and stop doing suicide.
Success: It is a very good idea. Then, here I must add:
Relation between Failure and Success is like the relation between Father and Son. Where Father goes, Son also starts moving in that direction. So, people should not get afraid of Failure.

Mosquito and Me

This is an interesting,imaginary conversation between a mosquito and me.

Me: Technology is progressing for human being only. How are you too becoming so smart ? Technology should make us only clever, not you. But, I have seen that you are becoming over smart. Sometimes, though we use mosquito net, we can’t escape from you. You are seen inside the mosquito net also. When I was trying to kill you, I failed again and again. Sometimes, I failed to trace you inside the mosquito net. Then, suddenly I saw that you were sitting just above my head on the inside of the net.

Mosquito: Man has the power of both-creating and destroying. We have no power. We take birth, because you create the environment for us. We carry Dengue virus, because of the dirty environment created by you. If you all become united and make a clean environment, we can’t be able to grow up further and one-day we will become history.

Me: So, we help you to take birth. And you ? You take our lives so easily. You should be kind to us instead you take the lives of small kids too. How cruel are you !

Mosquito: We have not taken your lives. We want a little bit human blood only, we don’t want to kill you. It is not us, it is environment due to which we become virus effected. You don’t take care of environment. This is the reason, environment too doesn’t take care of you. For killing you, environment uses us, that’s all.

Me: So, one day technology will be so advanced that it will find a way how to kill all of you simultaneously.

Mosquito: – It is impossible. When technology will be advanced, output of it will be advanced but some byproduct must be there by which there will be a balance between development and destruction.

Me: So, what is the solution for removing Dengue virus?
Mosquito: What will happen on your hair if you never take shampoo?
Me: Lice will grow on my head.
Mosquito: To diminish the existence of lice, you often clean your head by using shampoo. So, what should you do to diminish our existence?
Me: We have to maintain cleanliness in our surrounding. We have to use closed drainage system. We should throw the garbages in the dustbin only. We should not spit here and there.
Mosquito: Don’t think, we feel happy after killing human beings. As much as people suffer due to mosquito related diseases,  we also suffer same amount.
It is like : when a mother gives birth of a child who is suffering from the polio. In this case,  who feels the pain?  I feel that the child suffers more than that of his mother. Similarly,  we suffer more than that of you.
Me: But how will I be sure that all people will maintain this?
Mosquito: You can’t ensure this. So,  better you take care of your surroundings only. Spread a message for others. It is not only your duty. It is duty for all human beings.

Message : Please take care of your surroundings. If we all try together,  we can create  a beautiful, clean environment which will vanish the existence of dengue.

Thank You for the Beautiful Journey – A letter to God

Dear God,

In this letter, I will talk about my experience which I have gained from this beautiful journey. I started my journey to this beautiful earth in the year of 1939. First five years, I did not remember anything. From 6th year, I started my learning. Today, I am an 80-year-old man. I have seen lots of varieties of things around me. I have witnessed a lot of incidents. I have been involved in many clubs, associations. I have seen different types of people around me. I have fought with others, but the reason for fighting was too small. I remember how I have become excited easily. I was worried about my increment.

Now, I can realize that I have not spent a minimum time with me, rather I have spent my time with anger, anxiety, ego, greed, etc. Now, I can find myself within me. Now, I discover myself newly. But, now the time is very short. On any day, at any instance, the speech made by me may become the last speech by me on this beautiful earth.

Now, I get the essence of life. It is amazing! Now, I can forgive others easily. Now I laugh seeing those people who don’t forgive others, who don’t pass their time with themselves.

Now, I understand the entire cycle we pass through. From the age of 0 to 6, though we stay with our parents, our mind remains with You (God). From the age of 7 to 20, we learn in schools and colleges. From the age of 20 to 30, we try to get a job. From the age of 30 to 40, we get married, having children. From the age of 40 to 50, we try to get increment as much as possible. From the age of 50 to 60, we love stress thinking about our kid’s future, kid’s marriage, etc. At the age of 60, we get retirement from the job. From the age of 60-70, we try to arrange our children’s marriage and help them in earning and in following our patterns only. Then, we start leaving things one by one. We try to be happy with a little amount of money we have. We try to adjust to our children. Less food and less amount of sleeping become sufficient for us. Then slowly, our body starts leaving us. When our body finally leaves us, we converge into a point that possesses only energy. This energy then mixes with you.

I am happily waiting for the time when I will be converted into a point and will be merged with You. Thank you God for helping me in realizing how the life is beautiful.


Your Child

Prose, poetry and conversation

Prose: I am the best to bring the feelings.
Poetry: without me, feelings can’t be brought.
Conversation : he he he, simple talking can bring tears to someone’s eyes.
Prose : Someone can write unlimited words to make the feelings deep.
Poetry: Poetry is beauty and nowhere it exists except in me.
Conversation: I agree with both of you. But for both of you, it needs lots of word stocks. For me, simple talking is enough.
Prose : By using simple words also I can bring emotions.
Poetry: No one has so much time to read. A big touching story can be narrated in poetry easily within few lines.
Conversation: When readers read prose or poetry, in their mind, some conversations going on. It is very difficult to write a prose or a poem where 6-7 elements participate simultaneously. Even a silent conversation goes on in a baby’s mind. Without conversation, no prose and no poetry exist.
Prose :Agreed, but it is possible to some extent.
Poetry remained silent.
Conversation :Can anyone write a prose or a poetry on our this simple conversation?
Prose : Let’s see how do our prose lovers perform on this.
Poetry :Poetry lovers will not consider our conversation as a theme of a poem. Still I will hope that someone will write a poetry on this.
Prose, poetry and conversation :Okay, Let us wait till that time.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.