Soul and God

For believing in God, you have not to go to a crowded temple. Seek a temple where silence exists. Use your mind as a ladder and enter inside your body. Listen to your soul. Feel it. You will be able to see a world within you where all organs are working continuously as like time is moving and our planets are rotating. Those organs have no expectations, they don’t know for what they are running. They are running according to your instructions. How long and when will you sleep, nobody can tell except you. When will you start swimming and will make your body parts more active are known to you only. Your body-organs do not know about those.

It is exactly like universe as the planets of the universe does not know for what they are running. Time does not know about the fruit of their works. These are running as per God’s instructions.

For getting God, you are running from temple to temple is ridiculous. God is within you, God is in your surroundings. God is in the Air. Even, God is within Emptiness. You have to use a perfect ladder. Your mind will have to ride on this ladder. Your mind will take you to God.

We also should work continuously like time, planets and equipment or body-organs inside our body. If earth stops moving, we all will die. Similarly, If any equipment( body-organ) fails, we will die. There are a lot of similarities in between the solar system and our body.

What will happen if we stop working? Our feelings will die. Then, our body will die. What will happen if we work continuously? We will get blessings from God and this is the primary need of our existence. As the Sun never asks why should it shine and rotate, we also should not ask why should we work. The planets rotate to maintain the solar system. Similarly, we should work to maintain the good works done by mankind, to save the mankind.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Marriage of Evening and Afternoon!

This marriage story is completely imaginative. Here is the story:
Day takes birth from the womb of darkness and then gradually, starts growing.
Dawn is the phase of time when the baby starts crawling and the mother night feeds him.
Morning is the phase of time when the baby starts to take food on his own and starts to speak. As the baby becomes capable of doing all works on his own, mother-darkness hides!
Noon is the phase of time when the baby becomes adult and becomes independent. Noon proves that how much he can work by irritating human beings by playing hide and seek with the help of Sun.
Afternoon is the phase of time when he marries with the Evening.
Then the story of evening begins! It is the time when most romantic scenes occur.
There is a meet between darkness and light in the womb of Evening. Then Evening becomes pregnant. It becomes heavy and converted into night.
The time then arrives! It is the midnight, it is the maximum darkness from where day takes birth.
The cycle goes on!

Mosquito and Me

This is an interesting,imaginary conversation between a mosquito and me.

Me: Technology is progressing for human being only. How are you too becoming so smart ? Technology should make us only clever, not you. But, I have seen that you are becoming over smart. Sometimes, though we use mosquito net, we can’t escape from you. You are seen inside the mosquito net also. When I was trying to kill you, I failed again and again. Sometimes, I failed to trace you inside the mosquito net. Then, suddenly I saw that you were sitting just above my head on the inside of the net.

Mosquito: Man has the power of both-creating and destroying. We have no power. We take birth, because you create the environment for us. We carry Dengue virus, because of the dirty environment created by you. If you all become united and make a clean environment, we can’t be able to grow up further and one-day we will become history.

Me: So, we help you to take birth. And you ? You take our lives so easily. You should be kind to us instead you take the lives of small kids too. How cruel are you !

Mosquito: We have not taken your lives. We want a little bit human blood only, we don’t want to kill you. It is not us, it is environment due to which we become virus effected. You don’t take care of environment. This is the reason, environment too doesn’t take care of you. For killing you, environment uses us, that’s all.

Me: So, one day technology will be so advanced that it will find a way how to kill all of you simultaneously.

Mosquito: – It is impossible. When technology will be advanced, output of it will be advanced but some byproduct must be there by which there will be a balance between development and destruction.

Me: So, what is the solution for removing Dengue virus?
Mosquito: What will happen on your hair if you never take shampoo?
Me: Lice will grow on my head.
Mosquito: To diminish the existence of lice, you often clean your head by using shampoo. So, what should you do to diminish our existence?
Me: We have to maintain cleanliness in our surrounding. We have to use closed drainage system. We should throw the garbages in the dustbin only. We should not spit here and there.
Mosquito: Don’t think, we feel happy after killing human beings. As much as people suffer due to mosquito related diseases,  we also suffer same amount.
It is like : when a mother gives birth of a child who is suffering from the polio. In this case,  who feels the pain?  I feel that the child suffers more than that of his mother. Similarly,  we suffer more than that of you.
Me: But how will I be sure that all people will maintain this?
Mosquito: You can’t ensure this. So,  better you take care of your surroundings only. Spread a message for others. It is not only your duty. It is duty for all human beings.

Message : Please take care of your surroundings. If we all try together,  we can create  a beautiful, clean environment which will vanish the existence of dengue.

Life after Death

The Life after death is like the life after staying at the womb. Assume this galaxy as your mother. We, all creatures are inside the womb of this galaxy as if we are the fetus of this galaxy.
Then, oneday….
The galaxy will release all these creatures. We all will move to a zone which is outside of this galaxy.
It may happen that the new Universe is totally opposite to this existing one.
Here we see both light and darkness, there we will see no light, no darkness. It is in between.
Here, we cry and laugh. May be, there we will not know how to cry and how to laugh.
Here, we sleep and work. There it may be that we will only sleep.
Here, if a person goes for a permanent sleep, we call it Death. There, if a living animal awakes from sleep, we will call it as Birth.
Here, we prefer Birth. There, we will prefer Death.
Here, we eat for surviving. There, we will prefer sleeping for surviving.
But if we all are in sleeping mode in the new world, then how will we interact with each other?
May be- in the mode of sleeping, we can talk and work with each other. May be we will be in the form of gaseous substance.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.
N. B-This is completely based on imagination.

My thoughts are one of my best friends

I feel lonliness when my thoughts wish me “Good bye”.
I feel lonliness when there is no thought playing in my mind.
I feel lonliness when I can’t write anything and the pages laugh at me.
I feel lonliness when the good thoughts loss the game in my mind.
I feel lonliness when all the bad thoughts attack me and I can’t write anything.
Everyone is busy. Nobody spends much time with me. My good thoughts spend their valuable time with me. My good thoughts are my best friends.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.