How our sense organs help to become a scientist :Discovery of Magnets

We all are human beings like Newton, Einstein, Stephen Hawkins, etc. But they are different in some fields. Do you know why they are different?

Power is within all of us. They know how to create a spark. They know how to activate this power. They are very eager to know their purpose in life. They are always curious about the things happening around them. They believe themselves.

They use the power of five sense organs and we all have these sense organs. They know how to squeeze a lemon and take the output. Their eyes help in catching the things which many people can’t see. Their nose helps to get a taste of those things which many people can’t. Their ears can hear the voice of inside, the voice of their soul, the voice of the hidden power. We all have the same eyes, nose and ears still we can’t do that.

We can’t perform as those scientists perform. The reason behind this is very simple i.e we don’t want to.

We tell our eyes – ” it is not your business. You have not to focus on that. Don’t think too much”. We tell our ears-“you have not to concentrate on the voice inside us, no voice and no power are inside us. It is luck only. Those scientists are different from us by birth. They are blessed with extra intelligence.” Then our eyes and ears also believe the same. Thus, we lose in the game of life.

Here is the story:- How a layman used the power of his sense organs and found the magnets. Then he became a renowned scientist.

We should always observe our surroundings. We should not only observe but also analyze the things. So many things are yet to discover. We should make our sense organs very active. These organs can make a wonder. God has given us the keys i.e sense organs. We have to unlock the doors of the soul where unlimited power is hidden.

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Entropy and destruction of Universe

Entropy is a thermodynamical term in engineering. It is considered as a measure of disorders ,molecular disorder or randomness of a system.
When you buy a new flat, initially the things are limited and arranged properly. After a few years, number of items have been increased drastically. The system (here it is Flat) belongs a tandency to move haphazardly. It is very easy to cater the items here and there rather to arrange the items properly as it was initially.
In our Universe, entropy is always increasing and the energy for doing useful works available in the universe is always decreasing. Disorderness is increasing. When the civilization started to grow, things (like ponds,lakes,rivers,seas, hills, mountains, insects, trees, animals and human beings) were arranged properly by nature. Every items had been given it’s own space. It is human beings who are responsible for increasing the entropy of the universe. It is human beings who have occupied others’ region. As a result, disorderness has been increased drastically. Once the system moves towards disorderness, it can’t be brought back to it’s initial state.
Oneday, entropy will be in it’s highest level and chaos will be of highest amount and the Universe will loose it’s energy. When the Universe will have no energy, civilization will ruin. But energy has no end. Then where do this energy hide? The energy of the universe will be shifted to the living creatures. The universe will be vanished at zero from where it had been started it’s journey long long ago. But can’t we try to reduce the entropy at least a little bit so that this civilization remains few more years?
1. If we treat plants, rivers and all other natural attributes as human beings, can we then cut them or kill them? So, we should think about their lives.
2. Even, we should treat an empty space as a living creature,then only we will think a lot before throwing garbages.
3. As nature is giving us so many things without which we can’t survive which we know very well, can’t we give them something in return?

Let us try to reduce the randomness of Nature. Let’s not cut a tree further more. Let’s not think about making a building in place of Ponds/lakes. Let us not waste the water? Let us think about the growth of technology without hampering the nature.

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This blog is about educational and here, let’s remember some Sobriquets:
The city of Joy – Kolkata, India
The city of seven hills – Rome
The gift of the Nile– Egypt
The land of the Rising Sun – Japan
The land of White Elephants – Thailand
The city of Temples– Beneras, India
The land of Midnight Sun – Norway
The Pink City – Jaipur, India
The city of Paradise on earth – Kashmir, India
The Sugar Bowl of the world – Cuba
The statue of Unity – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (located at Gujrat, India)
The Roof of the world – Tibetan Plateau
The saint of the gutter:- Mother Teresa
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