M. C. Q on Authors of some popular books

Q1. Who is the author of the book named-“Age of Anger-A History of the Present”? Ans: Pankaj Mishra Q2. Who wrote “Mudra Rakshasa”? Ans: Visakha Datta Q3. Who wrote” The Ministry of Utmost Happiness “? Ans: Arundhati Roy Q4. Who wrote ” Straight from the Heart”? Ans: Kapil Dev Q5. Who is the Author ofContinue reading “M. C. Q on Authors of some popular books”

MCQ on Our Honorable PM – Mr.Narendra Modi

Q1. In which year Mr.Narendra Modi has been selected as Prime Minister? Ans: 2014 Q2. What is the full name of Mr. Narendra Modi? Ans: Narendra Damodardas Modi. Q3. For which state Mr.N.Modi was chief minister? Ans: Gujrat Q4. What ordinal number is attached to the prime minister of Mr. Narendra Modi ? Ans: 14thContinue reading “MCQ on Our Honorable PM – Mr.Narendra Modi”

MCQ on Carbon and its Compounds

Q1. From which word the ‘Carbon’ is derived. What does it mean? Ans: Latin word- Carbo. Meaning is Coal. Q2. What are the chemical symbols of Marble, Washing Soda and Baking Soda? Ans: CaCO3 ; NA2CO3, 10H2O;NaHCO3 Q3. Name a mixture of Carbon Compounds found in a liquid state. Ans: Petroleum Q4. What is Catenation?Continue reading “MCQ on Carbon and its Compounds”