M. C. Q on Authors of some popular books

Q1. Who is the author of the book named-“Age of Anger-A History of the Present”?

Ans: Pankaj Mishra

Q2. Who wrote “Mudra Rakshasa”?

Ans: Visakha Datta

Q3. Who wrote” The Ministry of Utmost Happiness “?

Ans: Arundhati Roy

Q4. Who wrote ” Straight from the Heart”?

Ans: Kapil Dev

Q5. Who is the Author of the book named as ” A Million Mutinies Now”?

Ans: V. S. Naipaul

Q6.” The God of Small Things “ is written by whom?

Ans: Arundhati Roy

Q7. Who wrote –” Extraordinary Indians: A Book of Profiles”?

Ans: Khushwant Singh

Q8. ” A brief History of Time” is written by whom?

Ans: Stephen Hawkins

Q9. “Glimpses of World History” is written by whom?

Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru

Q10. ” I Do What I Do” is written by whom?

Ans: Raghuram Rajan.

Q11. Whose biography is written in “An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny”?

Ans: Biography of Sonia Gandhi. Author of the book is : Rani Singh.

Nature is constantly changing. Are you?

Have you ever noticed the color of the sky, have you ever noticed the position of the cloud? Have you ever noticed a tree minutely? Have you ever noticed the condition of the upper layer of a river or a sea?
The living and the non living both things are changing in every moment. So what is about you? Are you changing in every moment? Some of you may reply as yes and some of you may reply as no.
Those who are saying that they are changing are doing good because they have realized that they are changing. Those who are telling that they are not changing are unable to recognize their changes. In reality, everything and everybody is changing. We all are growing. For some people, it is visible and for some people it is not. Power of eyes should be so strong that it can recognize the changes happening in every moment.
Change is Life. Life is the summation of changes. If a person does not truly change in anything, it is a time for him/her to take retirement from the life. Office employees who have got retirement from their office, becomes idle in office works or vice versa. If a person becomes idle at office works, management gives retirement to that employee. Similarly, when a person gets idle in life, God transfers him/her from this world to another world where he/she can utilise his/her time for different types of works.
So,keep changing. But never change in negative direction. When a baby takes birth, he/she knows nothing. Gradually, he/she learns. We also should grow and learn new things daily.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!

Mother and Child

mother child image �র ছবির ফলাফল
A child’s happiness is linked to the mother’s mood. If the mother becomes happy then only the child can be happy. When the mother will be happy, the mother will be able to give her valuable time to her child. But if the mother does not become happy, she can’t be able to give her attention to her child.
If being a mother, you want to make your child happy, you have to do lots of fun with your child and it needs a fresh mind and lots of energy mentally as well as physically. In our so-called traditional families, a child’s total care including education has been looked after by the child’s mother. The mother has to look after her family as well as child’s ins and outs activities. A mother’s role is very vital in a family. If the mother does a private job, it is being too hectic to take care of her child. The mother of a double child gets more rest than that of a mother of a single child. When there are two children in your family, they learn many things from themselves. They learn to eat the foods, sharing things with friends, arranging his /her things by own. They may help their mother.
Nowadays, children are missing the fun in the playground in the afternoon. But if there are two children in a family, then they can play with each other. But how will you handle your stress when you are a mother of a single child when your husband is busy for 24 hrs x7 days when you are working in a private company when your parents or parents-in-law are not in a position to look after their grandchildren? How to handle this crucial situation? Are you thinking of leaving your job? Are you being tired of changing your maids often?
Be relax and cool down. Change your attitude. Everything is possible. Never think about leaving your job? First, read yourself. Are you a victim of emotional bonds to your husband? Is the problem lies somewhere else? Or is it a problem regarding your physical energy? Human being has lots of physical energy if he /she maintains a minimum diet. I think -you are being tired, restless as because you don’t have the mental energy. Once your mind becomes fully energetic, you will observe that not only two but also you can handle many children as well as household works and your jobs simultaneously. If your husband is busy for 24 hrs x 7 days, you do your duty only, leave the emotional outbursts. Be strong. Focus your goal. If your husband is co-operative, fulfills your all requirements, then emotional bonding will give you energy. But if your husband becomes too busy that he never gets time to take the updated news about you and your children, then leave the emotions and go ahead. If you argue with your husband and asked him to do some household works if he listens, it is okay but if he does not listen, then also it is okay. It does not mean you have to fight with him regarding this issue and have to convert this issue into a divorce. Never do this, rather do your work and show him that you can do everything without his help. One day, he must feel loneliness, when he will need you but will not get you because you have become too busy in your children’s’ carrier as well as in your carrier.
Always believe in yourself. Be bold and strong enough. You can, you only can. Get happiness in your busy schedule. Don’t cry over the split milk in any issue. Make your present awesome, so that you have not to regret in the future for your past. All the best. God bless you!

How to remove fear from Mathematics

Maximum students get fear of Mathematics. Students often say that they hate Mathematics.

Here are the eight ways how to remove fear from Mathematics:

1. Observe the kids: Parents should observe their kids and should know how the tutors/school – teachers teach a topic. Parents will be surprised when they will come to know that maximum teachers tell their students to remember the formulas and to apply it. Many teachers don’t explain how the formulas have been created.

2. Know the Origin of Formulas: Students should know the origin of all formulas. If they know the origin of all formulas, they can remember the formulas easily. When a student solves a problem like-convert Km/hr to m/sec, some teachers tell them to multiply the figure with 5/18 and tell them to remember. Teachers don’t explain why it is 5/18. Like this, there are numerous numbers of formulas students have to remember.

3. Stop feeding the students: If the student does mistake in a numerical problem, teachers tell them the final answer and in which step mistake is there. Teachers should not say the steps where the kids have done mistakes. Teachers should say whether it is right or wrong. Then tell the students to find out their mistakes by themselves. Even, parents also should follow this while teaching their kids.

4. Remove tension: With tension, no work can be performed successfully.

5. Practice much: There is no substitute for hard work. Students should practice as much as possible.

6. Encourage Kids: Parents should always encourage students so that their kids can perform well and one day they will be the best performer if they practice hard.

7. Joint Study: At least two students from the same class should do practice works together. When they study together, they get interest and understand easily.

8. Ask Why: Students should not feel shy. Students should ask whenever they can’t understand the formula. Know “why” before what.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

M.C.Q On Indian Constitution #2

Q1. By whom the Constitution of India was framed ?

Ans: Consituent Assembly

Q2. Which day is celebrated as Constitution day ?

Ans: 26th November

Q3. In which year the Planning Commission was formed?

Ans: 15th March in 1950

Q4. Who proposed the preamble before the drafting committee of the constitution?

Ans: jawaharlal Nehru

Q5. From which country, the idea of preamble of Indian Constitution has been taken ?

Ans: USA

Q6. Who was the chairman of Drafting committee of the Indian Constitution?

Ans: B.R. Ambedkar

Q7. Who told the preamble of the Indian Constitution as the Soul of the Constitution?

Ans: Thakurdas Bhargav

Q8. Who told the preamble of the Indian Constitution as “Political Horoscope”?

Ans: K.M.Munshi

Q9. Which is the largest committee of Parliament of India ?

Ans: Estimate committe

Q10. How many writs are there in Indian Constitution ?

Ans: 5

Q11. How many amendments are there in our Constitution?

Ans: 104

Q12. How many articles are there in our Constitution?

Ans: 448

Q13. How many schedules are there in our Constitution?

Ans: 12

Q14. Who has the power to declare the Emergency?

Ans: The President

Q15. In which year the Anti-Defection Law was passed by the Parliament of India?

Ans: In 1985