Strong Immunity power only can defeat the enemy!

When an enemy is present in front of us, we should not kill him, rather we should learn how to defeat him everytime. You can kill the enemy today. But there is no guarantee of arrival of another new enemy tomorrow. It is better to learn how to defeat the enemy so that we canContinue reading “Strong Immunity power only can defeat the enemy!”


ঠাঁই দিও হে প্রভু তোমার চরণে , ঠিকানা যে গেছে মোদের হারিয়ে। কোথা কোথা খুঁজিব ঠিকানা, সর্বত্র যে এখন করোনা। তাইতো তোমার চরণে ঠেকায় মাথা , দূর করে দিও হে প্রভু সকল ব্যথা। করোনা মুক্ত করো এই সুন্দর ভুবন, কথা দিলাম-করবো না পরিবেশ দূষণ। মানুষকে করেছো তুমি বন্দী, স্বাধীন হয়েছে এই প্রকৃতি। মানুষ যাকে ঢাকিয়েContinue reading “প্রার্থনা”

Prayer-a cumulative Energy

It is a time not for enjoying outside. It is a time to stay at home and trust in God. How can a little virus shake the entire world? Can God destroy His own creation? When you cook, do you throw your food saying that it is bad? Similarly, whatever is the God’s creation, GodContinue reading “Prayer-a cumulative Energy”

M. C. Q on Authors of some popular books

Q1. Who is the author of the book named-“Age of Anger-A History of the Present”? Ans: Pankaj Mishra Q2. Who wrote “Mudra Rakshasa”? Ans: Visakha Datta Q3. Who wrote” The Ministry of Utmost Happiness “? Ans: Arundhati Roy Q4. Who wrote ” Straight from the Heart”? Ans: Kapil Dev Q5. Who is the Author ofContinue reading “M. C. Q on Authors of some popular books”