Mutation of Time

Everything gets changed or mutated. The virus got mutated and has taken the form of a pandemic, named Corona. Time will also be changed. Very soon, it will get mutated. Remember the day -20th May in 2020. Remember the evening time of that day when Amphan, the giant cyclone was in front of us. We,Continue reading “Mutation of Time”

Power of Corona Virus

Corona virus has tremendous power: It has accelerated the online activities. May be, it is a transition period from offline to the online. We are staying in the phase where online and offline both activities are going on. Corona wants us to be with family members only, not with others. Corona wants us to workContinue reading “Power of Corona Virus”

Excellent way to keep your kid engaged during the lock down period!

Are you feeling difficult in handling your kid in this crucial lock-down situation? Then follow this: I have washed and kept the vegetables on a paper. She was feeling bored. I told her to make a list of the things bought by me. She was so excited to make a list on it. Finally, sheContinue reading “Excellent way to keep your kid engaged during the lock down period!”

Light from the lap of Darkness

On 5th April, at 9pm for 9 minutes only can’t we walk on the same road to fight together against the giant-Corona? Unity is strength. All of our prayers will increase the positive energy of the world. We all together can remove the negative energy of the world. I must mention that all of usContinue reading “Light from the lap of Darkness”