Power of Corona Virus

Corona virus has tremendous power:

It has accelerated the online activities. May be, it is a transition period from offline to the online. We are staying in the phase where online and offline both activities are going on.

Corona wants us to be with family members only, not with others. Corona wants us to work from home.

There are many viruses that take the life of human beings. But no disease spreads so fast or no diseases are so much infectious.

Corona, a virus which can vanish our existence if we don’t become online gadget.

Now onwards, there will be :

Online teaching

Online schooling

Online businesses

Online shopping (completely)

Online friends

Very few people will have a need to go to their offices:

In manufacturing sectors

For treatment

In hospitals

Delivery Sectors

Rail workers

Workers in flights etc.

Stay at home, stay safe.

Thank you for reading and let us make a beautiful world together.God bless!

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