Teaching is the best way to increase your knowledge.

If you want to know more, start teaching to someone junior to you. When you have to teach, you will get interest in reading. When you will teach, you have to face a lot of questions. You will get interest in seeking the answers of those questions. Thus your knowledge will increase. Thank you forContinue reading “Teaching is the best way to increase your knowledge.”

Mother and Child

A child’s happiness is linked to the mother’s mood. If the mother becomes happy then only the child can be happy. When the mother will be happy, the mother will be able to give her valuable time to her child. But if the mother does not become happy, she can’t be able to give herContinue reading “Mother and Child”

How to remove fear from Mathematics

Maximum students get fear of Mathematics. Students often say that they hate Mathematics. Here are the eight ways how to remove fear from Mathematics: 1. Observe the kids: Parents should observe their kids and should know how the tutors/school – teachers teach a topic. Parents will be surprised when they will come to know that maximum teachersContinue reading “How to remove fear from Mathematics”