How to link voter card with your mobile number and the document which proves your current address

“Not verified yet!! Verify electoral details at Call 1950 for details. Last date for verification 18th November, 2019 – CEO WB”
Are you getting these type of messages? Don’t ignore it. It is very easy to link your voter card with your mobile number and other documents. People of West Bengal are getting this message at present.
Before executing this process, be sure that the following documents are with you:
1. Voter card
2. Adhar card/ Driving Licence/Electric Bill – any one document which proves your current address.
3. Mobile which number you want to link should be with you.
Easiest way- steps are as follows:
1. Install the application -” Voter Helpline” from Play Store.

2. Open the application

Click on the box at bottom of this page where it is written as ‘I agree’.
3. This page will appear:

Click on ” EVP”– located at bottom of the page and at left-side.
4. The following page will appear:

Click on continue located at bottom of the page.
5. The new page will open:

Put your mobile number and click on ‘send OTP’. You will get the OTP on your mobile within few seconds.
6. After clicking on OTP, the space for writing the OTP will also be shown. Write OTP in that box. Then press ‘enter’.
7. This page will open:

Click on ” search by EPIC No”.
8. Your voter card details will be shown in the coming page. At bottom of this page, there will be two options: (a) modify ( it will be in right side)
(b) Verify
If you have not to modify anything, click on ” verify” otherwise click on ” modify”. Touch the pencil and modify the parameters as required.
Then, click on ” verify” option.
9. Another new page will appear where there will be two options:
(a) Answer the questions and tag family members.
(b) Skip the questions and tag family members.

Answer all the questions and then click on option (a).
10. In the new page, three options will be there – (a) Enter the details (b) scan the bar code (c) enter EPIC number.
Click on option (c). It will be reflected at top of page, in the right side.

Your family member’s details will be shown. Click Ok.
Another page will open where you have to fill up the following details of that member: Name,Age,Sex,Relation with you.
Click -‘add to my family’.
“Successfully added” will be displayed. Click on ” Add more” if you want to add more family members.
Follow the same procedure.
After completing the adding of family members,click on ” Finalize my family tree”.
One certificate will be displayed which you can save and can share with your family members.
Please share this message so that nobody faces any difficulty in linking the voter card with his/her mobile number.

M.C.Q on Our Galaxy

Here are the 30 questions on our Galaxy:
1. What is the name of our Galaxy?
Ans: Milkyway
2. What is the name of the Galaxy nearest to our Galaxy?
Ans: Andromeda
3. Study of Universe is known as ___?
Ans: Cosmology
4. How much time it takes for the sunlight to reach on Earth?
Ans: 8 minutes 20 seconds
5. How much time it takes for the reflected light from moon to reach on Earth?
Ans: 1.28 seconds.
6. Which is the smallest planet in our Galaxy?
Ans: Murcury
7. Which planets have no natural satellites in our Galaxy?
Ans: Murcury and Venus
8. Which is called Blue Planet in our Galaxy?
Ans: Earth
9. Which is called Red Planet in our Galaxy?
Ans: Mars
10. Which is the biggest planet in our Galaxy?
Ans: Jupiter
11. Which planet is known as Morning Star or Evening Star in our Galaxy?
Ans: Venus
12. How much time Murcury takes to revolve around the Sun in our Galaxy?
Ans: 88 days
13. Which planet is known as spinning planet in our Galaxy?
Ans: Murcury
14. Which planet’s density is maximum in our Galaxy?
Ans: Earth
15. Which planet has highest number of satellites in our Galaxy?
Ans: Jupiter
16. What is the shape of our Galaxy?
Ans: Spiral
17. What is the age of the Universe?
Ans: 13.8 billions years
18. Planets around other stars are known as ____.
Ans: Exoplanets.
19. Which Galaxy is expected to collide with our Galaxy within 4 billion years?
Ans: Andromeda Galaxy
20. Which planets are known as Gas Giants?
Ans: Jupiter and Saturn
21. Which are the main gases exist in Jupiter and Saturn?
Ans : Hydrogen and Helium
22. Which planets are known as Ice Giants?
Ans: Uranus and Neptune
23. Closest approach to the Sun is called___?
Ans : Perihelion
24. The most distant point from the sun is called ___?
Ans: Aphelion
25. One astronomical unit is equal to ____km or ______mi?
Ans : 150,000,000 km or 93,000,000 km
26. How many natural satellites Mars and Earth have ?
Ans : Mars has two satellites and Earth has one satellite.
27. The substances present at the centre of the Sun is in ___state only.
Ans : Gaseous state
28. Which planet’s density is less than that of water ?
Ans: Saturn
29. Which colour the sky will appear in absence of atmosphere?
Ans: Dark, Black
30. The innermost layer of the earth is known as ____?
Ans: Barysphere

Life's Gear is like Car's Gear

When you drive a car, how many times do you change the gear position? You change it many times, right? You never drive a car in same speed, because road conditions are changing in every moment.
Our life is like this. God never feels comfortable in driving us in same speed in same direction. Someone is progressing at a high speed whereas someone is feeling that his worst condition is not ending, it becomes static. Life’gear is controlled by Almighty.
Let us enjoy the variation of speed of life.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

M.C.Q on Sound

Q1. Sound is produced when a body __________.

Ans: Vibrates.

Q2. Which is called Voice Box in human body?

Ans: Larynx

Q3. Which part vibrates when we speak ?

Ans: Vocal Cord

Q4. Which insect doesn’t have Voice Box ?

Ans: Bee

Q5. How the bees produce sound without having Voice Box?

Ans: They produce sound by moving their wings up and down very fast.

Q6. Can sound travel through vacuum?

Ans: No.

Q7. Which range of frequencies of sounds are audible to Human ears?

Ans: 20 Hz to 20,000Hz.

Q8. Can we hear Ultrasonic Sound / Subsonic Sound?

Ans: No.

Q9. Which animals can hear Ultrasonic sounds?

Ans:Dogs,Bats,Monkeys,Deers,Leopards etc.

Q10. Sound of frequency of below 20 Hz is called____________?

Ans: Subsonic Sound or Infrasonic Sound

Q11. Sound of frequency of above 20,000 Hz is called ______?

Ans: Ultrasonic Sound.

Q12. What is the speed of Sound in Gas medium?

Ans: 330m/sec

Q13. What is the speed of Sound in Water?

Ans: 1500m/sec

Q14. What is the speed of Sound within Iron /steel?

Ans: 5000m/sec

Q15. Does speed of sound increase / decrease with increase in temperature?

Ans: It increases with increase in temperature.

Q16. What is the rate of increase of speed of sound for 1 Degree C rise in temperature?

Ans: 0.61m/sec

Q17. The speed of sound is more humid air / dry air?

Ans: Humid Air

Happy Dewali

Wish you all a very happy Dewali!

Dewali is the festival of Lights. Worship on Goddess Kali occurs before the day of Dewali. Goddess Kali kills the demons and brings light to the world. This was the reason, at our villages, we used to burn all the garbages at my childhood.
Let us all pray together to Goddess Kali, to destroy the darkness rests inside all of our minds and to enlighten our minds !!