Real Poor

Real poor are those people who love procrastination, who love laziness, who can’t manage time, who are not busy at all but show that they are busy, who give excuses.

I am rich not because I have money but because I know how to utilize my time properly.

Someone works so hard that he/she can’t find time to pray to God. He/she used to pray to god during taking bath, before sleeping, during eating. If you can increase your speed of work, you will feel happy by completing so many works in a day. If you take much time in completing a work and keep some works for tomorrow, you will feel that time is there, later you will do it. Thinking this, your work will never be completed within the time allotted. Smart works make us rich in time and procrastination makes us poor.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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