Prose, poetry and conversation

Prose: I am the best to bring the feelings.
Poetry: without me, feelings can’t be brought.
Conversation : he he he, simple talking can bring tears to someone’s eyes.
Prose : Someone can write unlimited words to make the feelings deep.
Poetry: Poetry is beauty and nowhere it exists except in me.
Conversation: I agree with both of you. But for both of you, it needs lots of word stocks. For me, simple talking is enough.
Prose : By using simple words also I can bring emotions.
Poetry: No one has so much time to read. A big touching story can be narrated in poetry easily within few lines.
Conversation: When readers read prose or poetry, in their mind, some conversations going on. It is very difficult to write a prose or a poem where 6-7 elements participate simultaneously. Even a silent conversation goes on in a baby’s mind. Without conversation, no prose and no poetry exist.
Prose :Agreed, but it is possible to some extent.
Poetry remained silent.
Conversation :Can anyone write a prose or a poetry on our this simple conversation?
Prose : Let’s see how do our prose lovers perform on this.
Poetry :Poetry lovers will not consider our conversation as a theme of a poem. Still I will hope that someone will write a poetry on this.
Prose, poetry and conversation :Okay, Let us wait till that time.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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