Happy Teachers' Day!!

Wish you all a very happy Teachers’ day.

Teachers are not only those people who teach us educational subjects, but also the people from whom we learn how to rectify our mistakes, our responsibilities, how to handle a critical situation, etc. 

But who is our Teacher’s Teacher or our Grand-teacher? Nature, our Sense Organs, Parents, Life, and Failure are the best grand-teachers. Out of these, I must say that Failure is one of the best grand-teacher.

Imagine that you are in a good family. You always perform well in every examination of life. Will there exist any new determination in your life? On the other side, imagine that you are in a good family, but suddenly you have failed in one examination of life. What will be your next step? You will struggle hard to achieve your goals. After a few days, you would have achieved it. How will you feel? You will feel better in the second case. The reason behind this is that you have seen the other side of Success and this side has taught you many things to survive. You have learned the things accordingly. Failure shows your mistakes and surrounding compels you to learn.

Parents and sense organs are the pre-primary teachers from whom we can learn the basic things required in life. Nature and School teachers are our primary teachers. 

After school life, if we wish we can learn with the help of technology. Not only the college teachers but also advanced technology is our teacher. But throughout all these stages, Life(experience) and failure teach us how to struggle for surviving in life. 

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless !

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