9 Reasons why do we celebrate Festivals

Do we remember God during the festivals? Do we celebrate the festivals for praying to God? No, we remember or pray to God when there is no festival, when we require a blessing from God and when we stuck in problems. We say that God/Goddess becomes happy when we celebrate festivals. Is it so?

Let us check the reasons why do we celebrate festivals:

  1. During the days of festivals, the nuclear family becomes a joint family.
  2. We get holidays from our daily scheduled work.
  3. We can stay a few days at home without tension.
  4. There is no office work, only relaxation during the festival days.
  5. We can go for traveling without taking any leave.
  6. We become energetic and can work with high efficiency after joining our work after celebrating festivals. So, festivals increase our work efficiency.
  7. Home-makers become busy in other activities of worship, decoration of home, beautifying themselves, etc. They become relax as they have not to cook during festival days.
  8. As during festival days, home-makers don’t cook, various types of delicious foods are taken during those days.
  9. Restaurants, food-sellers don’t get holiday during these days. They achieve maximum earnings during these days.

Are you thinking that in the above-mentioned reasons why “the prayer to god” has not been mentioned anywhere? The answer is –it is the reality. We become busy enjoying ourselves. As the days are passed with enjoyment, we forget to remember our almighty though we bow our head to Him.Β Bowing our head to Him does not mean that we are remembering Him from our heart.

Though we don’t remember our God during festival days, God indeed becomes happy when we celebrate the festivals. Do you know the reason? It is not because you love God, it is because:

  1. you love yourself
  2. your nuclear family become a joint family
  3. you all stay together and there is a smile in your face when you all accumulate in front of the temple though some of your family members may be in the hospital, some of your family members are not well.

When you see that all the children are staying together and they are too happy, how do you feel then? When your children are fighting with each other and bow their heads to you daily in the evening, how do you feel? We all feel better in the first case.

Durgapuja at Town

Bengali’s big festival-“Durgapuja” is coming. It will start on 3rd October and will end on 8th October. Let us make God happy by maintaining peace, harmony, and friendship within all of us.Simultaneously, let us take special care of Nature during festival days and reduce pollution.

Durgapuja at Village

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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6 thoughts on “9 Reasons why do we celebrate Festivals

  1. There are many good things too… If you think only about God.. Then it is really sad… But if you think about people’s happiness.. Then it is good… Nothing is bad here… When we all become happy, God also becomes happy… But when we spare some time in temple, we should give at least 5 minutes time to God at temple.. I feel so…

  2. Elders also feel good as they have not to go to their office… Though It depends on the situation of the family, office condition, and the duration of festivals.. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here πŸ™

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