15 points you need to remember while running a business.

Do you want to do business? Do you want to be a successful businessman or a successful businesswoman? The Mother is the owner of the family.

The mother becomes happy and she feels that she is successful when her children are happy and performs well in their education. Similarly, you will be a successful businessman/woman when your employees become happy. And if you want to be a successful businessman/woman, then focus on the following things first :

1. You can’t run your business by yourself only. You must need some people and treat those people as your children/friends. Teach them properly. But never misbehave with them. They need money, but they need respect too.

2. Keep multiple activities in your business. Do you want to open a new book shop? Then, keep xerox, printing facility too. Sell the books as rent. Take some advance deposit money from the customer.

3. First focus on – “no profit-no loss”. Then, focus on “Profit”.

4. Maintain steady growth rather than rapid growth.

5. Expand activities in your business.

6. Advertising: Do advertising for your business. If you don’t do advertising, people will not come to know about your business. Advertise your business as much as possible.

7. Grow your network.

8. Observe your competitors. Observe how they are moving for progress.

9. Improve infrastructure.

10. If you have reached a good steady level, then make branches of your business.

11. Hire more people to work with you.

12. Build a good relationship with your customers.

13. Be updated with the new pieces of information about your business.

14. Give the required amount of leave to your employees.

15. Give the national holidays too to your employees.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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11 Replies to “15 points you need to remember while running a business.”

  1. Nice tips. These are good once you have a business. How to start a business? I want to start a research lab to study plastic degradation. Then I want to scale it up for commercial purpose. Where do I get funding? Where should I look for like minded people to join as partners? Write a post on these aspects.

  2. You are absolutely right. I must have write this post first what you are talking about. Well, I will write it… Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts here 🙏

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