Is it Forest Fire or Bonfire at Amazon forest?

We call the Amazon Fire incident as a Forest Fire. God will say it as Bonfire. Man snatches the space of Forest. Forest never snatches the space of human beings.

If a plant grows below our outdoor unit of Air conditioning machine, we cut it immediately to clean the space. Can Forest kill us when we occupy their space?

We call it Forest Fire so that we can hide our faults. Have we noticed the reason which causes the Forest Fire? When we kill a goat and eat the meat, do you think that butcher is only responsible? We and butcher both are equally responsible for taking the life of the goat.

Human beings have occupied Forest’s space, have cut a lot of trees, have created roads within the Forest. The amount of heat has been increased. The number of rainfalls has been decreased. Some people cut the trees or create fire in some areas so that they can dig the land. They think that they will get goldmines after digging the land. These are the reasons which compel nature to create Forest Fire. These people never try to find the reason behind the Forest Fire and treat these types of incidents as natural disasters.

Let us take care of our Nature which is our savior.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world. God Bless.

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11 thoughts on “Is it Forest Fire or Bonfire at Amazon forest?

  1. Yes… How the animals are feeling there who are in verge of death… We, human beings try to create civilization everywhere which will bring lots of problems in life

  2. Forest / nature kills in a different way. Global warming, flood, cyclone, disease list goes on. Brazil fire is unpardonable. Unlike places like India, Brazil does not have an exploding population. They have no reason, neither does Indi BTW, to clear rain forest.

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